Gaitas de Fora - Irish and Portuguese Trad/Folk

Gaitas de Fora - Irish and Portuguese Trad/Folk


Gaitas de Fora (which means ‘pipes from abroad’ in Portuguese) is/will be a radio program and subsequent podcast which will air on a very small and very local Portuguese radio station in a town called Torre de Moncorvo. The idea behind the program was to play a mixture of local/Portuguese traditional music and Irish music with perhaps some other music from around the world thrown in. While still very much in an embryonic stage (the first program will air this Thursday), our idea is to try and engage with some local musicians and Irish ones too.

So, what I am asking is this; If you play music, solo or in a group, and you would like some exposure (however small that may be!), you could get in touch with us and if you have a nice recording we would gladly play it and give you some exposure on our blog ( And, just to say, no ones making any money from this, we just want to make a nice program that engages with musicians!

That’s the proposal, but if anyone has any ideas, or questions we would love to hear from you. Unfortunately, the blog is only in Portuguese but maybe in the future will will start posting in English too….

Anyway, we hope to hear from you soon.

You can get in contact through the blog or by gaitasdefora@gmail(dot)com

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Sounds like fun. Best of luck…

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It’s good to see Portuguese traditional music getting an outing. I played with (i.e. attended rehearsals of) a traditional band whilst staying in Porto 7 years ago and had my ears opened to a slew of unfamiliar, yet strangely familiar, tunes.

I’ve just seen gaiteiro Anxo Lorenzo performing at the Shrewsbury Folk Festival this weekend. He’s a Galician, not Portuguese, but he has in his band a very fine Portuguese mandolin player (who, I think, might just be lurking somewhere on this site). If he hadn’t had to fly back to Galicia next morning, I’d have booked myself a few lessons.

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Sharon Shannon opened my ears to Portugese music

it’s brilliant

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Yes, its interesting music alright. And it was not something I had any exposure to before I arrived here…

There are some great old recordings collected by Michel Giacometti of the traditonal music of several regions of Portugal if anyones interested in that. They can be a bit "rough" at times though!

Anyway, I hope some of you tune in, or download the podcast at least. I´m sure the first week will be a little slow, as neither of us have any experience in radio, but hopefully it will pick up speed!

Thanks for the interest.