Pat McNicholas- LEEDS CCE

Pat McNicholas- LEEDS CCE

My Grandfather was Pat McNicholas, a traditional musician in Leeds until the 1980’s. He is well known to many who know the music of that time in Leeds in the Irish Community and also in the wider community.

I have never heard his music, he died before i was able to ever hear it and my family has no recordings.

I have read that people using this site and discussion know of my Grandfather’s music.,

makes specific mention of him, I have also found other references to him and his music.

I wonder if any of you have any information as to where i can find his music, or stories of him and his music.


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I lived in Leeds for a few years from about 1985. I may have met your Grandather, but can’t remember.

I’d say a good bet would be to get in touch with The Hurleys, Des and Mick.

You should be able to get in touch with Des here:

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Your grandfather was a wonderful musician and a wonderful person, who inspired and encouraged many others 🙂

I’ll contact you direct with details of who may have recordings of him and his playing.

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Hello Luke

I hope you have some success, Pat certainly did a lot for the music.

As Michael has mentioned, the Hurleys would certainly know. Mick, a lovely flute player, now lives in Ballymote, Co. Sligo, literally write to him at that address, it’ll get there!

All the best,

Brian x

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It’ll almost certainly get to him if you send it by post - doesn’t Mick work in the Post office there ?
Luke - there’s an illustration - a line drawing - of Pat McNicholas playing flute on page 19 of Gordon Tyrrall ‘s book of session tunes called “Irish Choice”. There’s also a short reminiscence written by Gordon about Pat and his music.
If you don’t have this, and it’s of interest to you, send me a private message with an email address, and I’ll scan it and send it to you.
Best of luck, Kenny

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Hi Luke

John and Maureen Ferguson would have great memories of Pat. I recall Pat fairly vaguely from being at The Regent (gosh, how long ago…!) but didn’t know him personally.

John and Maureen’s address is Sliabh Rua, Breaffy, Ballina, Co. Mayo. John, if I know him, would be more than glad to share his memories of Pat with you and also put you in touch with others who knew him. When you write, you can mention my name (David Taylor), John’s a good friend.


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“It’ll almost certainly get to him if you send it by post”

It’s true - we’re not accursed yet here in Ireland by post codes and all that mallarky, though the direct marketeers are always campaigning to have them brought in for the targeting of junk mail etc.

The post is still delivered by people who know their local residents by name, at least in rural Ireland at any rate.

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