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Here’s a lovely one while we’re at it, and it’s a recent composition too…

"Maurice Duncan’s trip to Ballycastle"
C: Dick Glasgow
Submitted on September 10th 2012 by Ptarmigan.

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My current favorite march is "The Beauty of Autumn"

You can hear it on the Dervish CD "Spirit", among other places.

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That "Scottish marches" CD looks like a pile of crap to me, "c" - I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody. If you want good Scottish marches - of the 2/4 bagpipe sort, especially - I’d recommend the CDs recorded over the years at the World Pipe Band Championships.
Here’s an example of the 2/4 marches on the 1991 CD :

Miss Elspeth Campbell [ mistakenly titled as "Elizabeth" ]
The Links Of Perth
The Balmoral Highlanders
Highland Wedding [ twice ]
Colin Thomson
P.M. Tom McAllister

Some 4/4 marches also turn up in the medleys.

Also intersting to note the number of Irish tunes being included in medleys at that time ;

eg - The Famous Ballymote - Queen Of The Rushes - Tenpenny Bit - O’Rourke’s - The Moving Cloud - The Cliffs Of Dooneen - Scatter The Mud - The Congress - The Antrim Rose.

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I’ve always enjoyed the Fireside Reel known to us as the Peat Fire Flame.

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Kenny, is it on site here? You echo my reasons for not losing Β£4.99 on it. It’s a curious mix… But, some people like it that way… πŸ˜€ But, why leave it a 2/4…

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Agree with Kevin’s comments above - that’s a great website.
No much wonder the "World"s CDs aren’t posted here - look at the number of tunes on them.

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Kenny, that Footstompin’ offer had just arrived in our mailbox here and only sparked the want to see recommendations for recordings of marches… But, we have been here before. There’s quite a few I like, but on the Scottish side of it, a bias, most are from Cape Breton… I’m not as familiar with Scottish recordings of marches so was interested there to see what people appreciate enough to recommend, including any YouTube links, and by no means limited to these isles…

Marches good and bad…

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I so wish I hadn’t put that damned smilie face in the header…

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As Kenny implies, the Scottish "2/4 march" idiom is very large with around 50 different marches being played on a more or less regular basis.

Some are deemed more fit for a pipe band, some are deemed more fit for a soloist.

They go in and out of popularity, and it’s not uncommon for half the bands at a particular competition to play The Highland Wedding. Bob Worrall has even called for the most-overplayed tunes to be banned for a period (at the World Pipe Band Championships) so that bands will be forced to play some of the vast number of lovely but rarely-heard tunes.

Anyhow around 50 different 2/4 marches are heard on a more or less regular basis. My favourites include

The Knightswood Ceilidh
John MacDonald of Glencoe
The Taking of Beaumont Hamel
MacNeill’s March
The Young MacGregor
Pipe Major George Ross’ Farewell to the Black Watch (lovely but not often heard)

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Some marches from my piping days, most of which will sound extremely familiar to Irish as well as Scottish players, even if you don’t know the names…

The Australian Ladies
Cock of the North (Aunty Mary had a Canary…)
Barren Rocks of Aden
Mackenzie Highlanders
Earl of Mansfield
Glendaruel Highlanders
Atholl Highlanders
Balmoral Highlanders
Dovecote Park
Abercairney Highlanders
Bonnie Anne
Highland Wedding
Caber Feidh
Johnny Cope
Pibroch o’ Donal Dhu
Barren Rocks of Aden
Black Bear
Dovecote Park

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I like the Black Bear, too, gam…

Marches ~ Marches ~ Marches ~ Marches ~ Marches ~ Marches

Thanks Richard & gam, and for your tuppence worth too Vonnie, appreciated. This was a prelude to a plan to add a few marches to the database, one’s we’d picked up while living on Cape Breton Island, and some composed by folks we were acquainted with…

I’m looking to try to drag out some recordings to transcribe from rather than just following my own notes or lead. πŸ˜€

I’d also planned to gather links to other relevant discussions on site here…

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@ ceolachan — for what it’s worth, Scottish marches are usually played from sheet music of a named setting, rather than by ear. You might be better served looking in the myriad books that are available, rather than trying to transcribe from recordings.

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Not my experience of them in the Canadian Maritimes gam. We learned them by ear, but the major Scottish collections were well known too…

P.S. ~ and most of those I have, if not all the piping ones… πŸ˜‰

Also of pipers, while what you say may be true of the pipe bands, I’ve known a few ‘individual’ pipers, including from cultures other than Scottish, and they all were quite capable of playing by ear, preferring it that more intimate and direct way…

I remember those funny little lyre brass clips for holding the little band books. What a hoot. You were lucky not to pile into someone or walk off route or trip and fall on your face with so much attention given to the book. πŸ˜€

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As for the Battle of Waterloo, here in central Arkansas, this tune is more well known as Bonaparte Crossing the Rocky Mountains among most of the local musicians who play Irish, Scottish, and/or old time music. Yes there is some overlap among the musicians which means some of the musicians who play old time music also play at the local Irish Sessions. They play it like the version in the Fiddler’s Fakebook. In this book, this tune is played in A minor except for the first eight bars of the B part which are played with a C# sharp instead of a C natural. Then it returns to A minor for the rest of the B part.

Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine is played like a march (straight) with no swing whatsoever by the old time musicians. No this tune isn’t played at the Irish Sessions.

Also, both tunes, no matter where they are being played, are done "AABB" and then repeated the same way.


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Interesting. Never thought of "Give me your hand" as one of the top ten marches. πŸ™‚