Some irish traditioanal music from Russia with love

Some irish traditioanal music from Russia with love

Hello I wonder what do you think about my hobby. This chromatic harmonica in the key of C. Should I write these videos? Is it interesting to you? After thune, I want to add it to parse phrases so that you can teach by ear. And sorry about my english)))

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What you are doing is fine.

But if you have a chromatic harmonica, why don’t you learn to play it in its usual key (GMajor) ?

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Mix O’Lydian, because there are a couple of reasons.
Playing in the first position - do not use the slider - it is very good for keeping instrument in a good state. Second, if to play with a slider, that means that playing the melody in the key of G, I’ll get wrong chords with 3 hole playing.
It’s hard to explain. Let’s just say the specifics of a musical instrument.

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Where’s old man Shaw?

Is that a shower curtain behind you? Are you playing it in the bathtub?

πŸ˜‰ ~ not bad…fun! But - you do need to slow down a little and get some control of the rhythm, and get some of the larger blocks of rhythm better defined, the phrasing, the ‘dance’ in it…

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You are doing fine take on board all tips and keep playing!


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Less of the owld man! The trouble with a C chromatic is that it’s hard to play in "session keys" (G, D and A plus pesky modes) and play much ornamentation - you’re pushing the button just to get the notes of the tune a lot of the time and are therefore unable to do much ornamentation with it. Having said that, you can still do some ornamentation without the button, as with a diatonic harp, but then you’re doing away with much of the advantage that a chromatic can offer. I think you’re best off with chroms in D (ie D/D #) and G (G/G#) - unless you’re into flipping the slide over, Eddie Clarke style, in which case you need some strange beasts, in G/F# and D/C#, in order to play in those session keys. All that supposes that you want to go and play in a session. If you’re playing at home or on stage, the world is your oyster with a C chrom. In the harp keys above, the first key is button out, the second is button pressed.

I’m not really a chrom player myself, though I do possess chromatics in D and G. As for your playing, your mastery of tone over the whole range of the harp is impressive. Otherwise, what ceolachan says is very sound advice.

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ceolachan, this is kitchen curtains, and i pay in the kitchen))) Thanks for advices, but it’s hard, cause i’m russian and i haven’t rythms of ITM in my blood)))

Shylock, thanks)

Steve Shaw, you understand me)))) So, till i don’t get chromatic in D and G i’ll playing in transposed C. Plus, if someone who has C chromatic decide to play some ITM he will be able to learn it with my videos, cause, like i said, i want record practic part for every video, where i will play thune phrase by phrase slowly))) And thanks for good words about my playing)

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Hi Victor, Roman here πŸ™‚

As Steve Shaw said, it’s possible to play ITM on C chrom, but it may be a little wierd for some keys.
I have B/C chrom (Chromonica 270) which I’ve reversed (so it’s basically Eddie Clarke Style), and it’s actually pretty good for playing some Aminor tune, for some G. But D is more problematic because you have to use slider a lot and you have to avoid this double C notes on blow which is not easy πŸ™‚

I don’t really like solo tuning and usual chromatic "semitone up" layout, so for me it would be nice if I have access to Paddy Richter Irish Tuned harmonica πŸ™‚ I have a retuned Hering Vintage 40 in G/F# but it’s very quiet and not airtight at all so it’s not possible to play it at sessions, so at the moment i just playing on my diatonics and sometimes take a C/B chrom.

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"i haven’t rythms of ITM in my blood" ~ shestakoffvs

B.S! ~ Sorry shestaooffvs, those excuses don’t hold, including the one about English. Your English is way ahead of my Russian. Hell man, you can handle two different alphabets.

Back to rhythms, unless you’re completely deaf, which we already know you aren’t, your excuse about ‘ITM in the blood’ doesn’t hold. So much of what has taken hold across the world with dance ryhthms also took hold all across your neck of the woods too - 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8 - - - etc… I’ve had more than one great Eastern European teacher in music and dance, including RUSSIAN. Put the big productions aside, all that fancy footwork and leapin’ about, good Russian traditional musics and dance traditions ~ BRILLIANT! It don’t ‘dance’ without rhythm, and Russia is not short of lift, drive and joyous dance… Tap into your own history, it will inform you on this, and this, ITM, will inform you on that. Also, Russia has a history of fine free reed playing and players, including harmonica, concertina, accordion… Open the doors and see the wealth that is all about you.

But, you’ve a good start on the necessary spirit. And most of us have known folk who come from traditions further away from ITM than you are, the Middle East, Africa and Asia as examples. You’ve the advantage on them as your connections are direct, you just have to realize that, acknowledge it, and activate them. I’ve taught folk from the Asian continent, Japan and China, in both music and dance, and they had the spirit. Their enjoyment was infectious, and they took to and became one with those basic rhythms, including phrasing, which is an important part of both the music and the dance. Go out lad and learn to polka, to waltz. That will help, honest, and you’ll make new friends too.

Paddy Richter tuning

I love the theory behind this, and so much it makes me wish I had one to learn…

Brendan Power

YouTube ~ Brendan Power Music
IRISH HARMONICA 1: ‘The Maids of Mitchelstown’, & Demo of Half-Valved Harps: Brendan Power


There are also a number of discussion here in the database worth exploring…

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ceolachan, ΠΎΠΊ, I will work harder and play more with the metronome and I will not blame everything on my origin))) Paddy Richter it’s good tuning but not logic like cromatic solo tuning. I played on a diatonic harmonica 5 years already, and now very glad that switched to the chromatic. Love Brendan music))))))))

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The alpha and omega of harmonica knowledge is to be found here, not on wiki!

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we all love russia back. keep playing….πŸ™‚

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:D It makes me feel all giggly lol, that was soooo cool! xD Brother, you played that harmonica. Really well.

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The metronome will only give you better control of the beat, but not, generally, that larger block ‘phrasing’…

Keep up the good work, and especially in the spirit you have for it.

Glad to see Steve took a spell from his napping on the couch to respond. πŸ˜‰

Yes, Breandan! ~ very nice. And not forgetting one of our old mates, Tommy Basker. But there are other great players and recordings to enjoy, appreciate, and be inspired by…