Mr Nice

Mr Nice

In the (crap) film Mr Nice the same jig is played in two different scenes, Also Jackie Daly plays this tune on the bootleg tape ‘Through the window at Queeley’s’ which has been going round for a while now.

I’ve playing this tune for years and surprisingly have not yet met anyone else who plays it, can someone tell me what it is please?

You can find it here

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Yep that’s the tune … thank you Lars.

Phillip Glass … Traditional music ?

NOW I’m really confused !

Trying now to find out if he wrote it or if he appropriated it.

Anyone else know anything?

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Just think, if they’d used a TRADITIONAL tune, they needn’t have paid royalties. On the other hand, most film-makers wouldn’t know anything traditional if it hit them over the head with a bottle of porter.

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Yes , this is it, Ceolachans setting with the low B in the first bar is the nearest to JD’s version on aforementioned tape.

I love that low B

Thanks stoneboy.

Philip Glass must have ‘borrowed’ it, never really been much of a fan, thought Koyannisquatsi was a good film though.

coincidentally just learnt to play humours of Ballymote on box about 10 days ago.

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Didn’t listen to the tune, but, re: Philip Glass….he and a crowd of other New York high brows have summered for years in Cape Breton, Philip was the first I think. He’s certainly heard enough trad music here. He was the guy that helped Ashley MacIsaac how to get on the big stages.