Name of this Jig?

An interesting version of, under the bow of dear Francie Mooney… :-)

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IamFrench - if you can transcribe the whole thing, be sure to add this setting to the tune database. If you don’t, I will - if I’m not beaten to it by someone like ceolachan or Na Éisc. It’s a beautiful setting, and beautifully played. In fact, I think this is the first time I’ve heard Francie Mooney’s playing.

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Thanks ceolachan.
I agree with CreadurMawnOrganig "It’s a beautiful setting, and beautifully played". Moreover, I’m not sure I will post this setting, so feel free to do it!

“Out on the Ocean” ~ Francie Mooney

We both have, I think cross-posted. I’d started working on it right away, then got called away, once entered there were two, CMO’s and the one I did, coming from slightly different angles. I incorporated some of the later basic variations that show up in Franie’s repeats. Hopefully you’ll find the transcriptions useful… I only wish there were a recording of him playing it that was easier on the ears. ;-) Thanks for drawing our attention to this. I’d caught that special but had been mostly focusing in on the pictures and comment, the story in it, with the music fading in and out…

“The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow” ~ provenance -

Thanks to members ‘Dulahan’ for a lovely wakeup call this morning ~ - Joe and Adele Greene ~
~ reminding me I didn’t do my usual deep search, connecting the dots of history, which I enjoy and intended to do, but was ‘distracted’, not unusual for my curiously wired brain… Apologies for that, and much thanks and appreciation to Joe and Adele for this morning’s jolt back here. I’ll add more later, if I can hold off more distractions, but after I sort out breakfast and coffee… ;-)

I’ve asked them if I can share their positive contribution, which they referred to as a ‘contradiction’, but I don’t see it that way, glad they’ve been kind to have written me and set me back on course, hopefully. :-D

Odd, I’m not finding "The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow" on site here. Maybe it is best to keep it under the same heading with "Out on the Ocean"? ~ as long as there are clear notes about that in the comments…

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Thanks, ceolachan, for resolving the strange ‘deja vu’ that comes over me whenever I play Out on the Ocean.
I used to play The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow years ago on the pipes, and never realised they were practically one and the same tune —
T:The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow
|e|:A>AA ABc|cac B2a|cAB c2B|c>AA A2e|
|A>AA ABc|cac Bcd|ecA c2B|1c>AA A2e:|2c>AA A2a
|:f2a f2a|faf fec|e>ee ece|fac cBA|
[1dcd e>ee|fac B2a|cAB c2B|c>AA A2a:|
[2dcd e>ee|fac Bcd|ecA c2B|c>AA A2|

(I’ll let you decide what to do with it :) )

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The two of us as well… :-D

In a way it’s kind of nice that they share the same bed, in a manner of speaking. There’s also an apocryphal tale associated with the title "Out on the Ocean", and I think it may have been Mary Bergin that shared that with me, but I can’t remember all the details. I might add what I can to the comments for the tune.

Thanks also for another interesting transcription, appreciated…

Thanks to members ‘Dulahan’ for a lovely wakeup call this morning ~

‘Dulahan’ - Joe and Adele Greene

Much appreciated…

Correcting a mistake made previously, which has ended up linking back to myself… :-/