Looking for a tune

Looking for a tune

its a tune written by tom morrows, cant recall the name at all, but i remember i found it randomly in a discussion on here one day.
If its any help it starts on the same note as farewell to ireland

Re: Looking for a tune

If you can write one by tomorrow, it’ll save you looking. {raspberry}

Sorry - resist I couldn’t.

The starting note isn’t much to go on - especially since there’s more than one tune that goes by the name of ‘Farewell to Ireland/Erin’, not all of which start on the same note

The only tune in the database here that is *credited* to Tom Morrow is The Siesta
https://thesession.org/tunes/4841 but it doesn’t start on the same note as any of the Farewells to Ireland I know of.

It’s a long shot, but my search did bring up Tom McElvogue’s https://thesession.org/tunes/5757 , composed by Tom *McElvogue* but recorded by Tony O‘Connell and *Andy* Morrow (younger brother of Tom). Could it be that you misread or misremembered the details? The first few notes of this tune are the same as those of this ’Farewell to Ireland’: