Using the tunebook

Using the tunebook

Is there a way to download a list of all the tunes in my tunebook? I tried clicking Download ABC but it only downloads tunes on the current page. I tried selecting tunes from a few different pages but the Download button still only downloaded the current page.

BTW some features I think would be useful in managing tunebooks:
- filter by tunetype (you can sort by type, but not filter)
- be able to view more than 20 tune titles on a page, and/or download just the tune titles (you can print the sheet music or the abc, but not just the titles)
- when searching tunes in the main database, be able to see if a tune has been added to my tunebook - maybe flag them with an asterisk or something. You can see this if you view a specific tune, but not immediately in search results/lists of tunes. Might be useful if viewing someone else’s tunebook to see shared tunes similarly highlighted with an asterisk
- see the date when a tune was added to my tunebook, and be able to sort by this
- be able to highlight a specific setting as a favourite setting. If downloading ABC or sheet music, be able to just download the favourite settings rather than all of them.


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@Mike - although I don’t normally use the tunebook feature, I’ve just been trying it out and I think you’re right - there doesn’t seem to be any way of downloading an entire tunebook.

Suggest that you might try sending an email to Jeremy …

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Alas, because some tunebooks are very, very large, it isn’t possible to download the whole thing at once.

Thanks for the feature suggestions. I’ll go through them one at a time:

I’ll look into filtering by tune type: that’s a good idea.

I’m not sure of the benefit of being able to download a list of just the names of the tunes in a tunebook: could you outline the use case you’re thinking of?

I’ll see whether it’s possible to mark tunes in search results as being in your tunebook. My initial hunch is that it might not be doable, but I’ll take a look.

Unfortunately, the date that a tune gets added to a tunebook isn’t stored. So without that data, it isn’t possible to do any sorting/filtering/displaying on it.

Tunebooks date back to before there were multiple settings for each tune on The Session, so the ability to just add a particular setting to a tunebook isn’t going to be possible, I’m afraid.

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>I’m not sure of the benefit of being able to download a list of just the names of the tunes in a tunebook: could you outline the use case you’re thinking of?

I’d like an easy way to put my list of tunebook tune titles into a spreadsheet so I can compare with other lists. I use my tune book to store tunes I can play (in theory!). I have a separate list of tune titles which I want to learn play, so would be useful to compare to see the outstanding ones. Or I might want to compare it with Dow’s list ( or Will Harmon’s list (, or some other list, to see where the gaps are.

Being able to view more than 20 tune titles per page might be an acceptable compromise. E.g. on shopping websites you can usually choose to view 10/20/50/100 items per page.

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It turns out that you can already filter by tune type—I had just forgotten that I had added the feature.

When a tune appears in your tunebook list like this:

Name Of Tune (type)

…you can click on the "type" to filter.

Here’s an example of all the jigs in my tunebook:

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That works, thanks!