introduction & yet another tune request

introduction & yet another tune request

i just joined the session after hearing about it for awhile from friends.

i’m an anglo concertina player in portland (the one in oregon, not the one in maine), and i’ve also been making terrible noises on the fiddle for the last few months.

i saw lunasa a few nights ago (wow!) and i was really taken by donogh hennessy’s tune ‘inion ni scannlain’. does anyone have music for it? either a pdf or gif file would be easiest for me to deal with, but abc would work too.

i’m looking forward to joining some of the other discussions here.

sarah cardin

Re: introduction & yet another tune request

Hello Sarah. I’m still waiting for my copy of the Merry Sisters of Fate to arrive, but if no one posts Inion Ni Scannlain in the meantime, I’ll work it out from the cd and post it here as soon as I can (assuming Donogh will grant permission—Lunasa actually posts sheet music for their music—one tune a week—on their web site, so maybe they won’t mind posting INS on The Session).

Nevermind the terrible noises on fiddle, at least you have the squeezebox to fall back on whenever the fiddle wears thin. And don’t give up—eventually the strings bestow great gifts (besides callouses) to those who persevere.

Welcome to The Session!

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Re: introduction & yet another tune request

Hello Sarah
I`ve got the music for Inion Ni Scannlian. Great tune, I love it. I will be submiting it to the session - when I sort out some problems writting the ABC format.
I think it can be found on the "web-wide abc index"
All the best

Re: introduction & yet another tune request

thanks chris for your pointer to the web-wide abc index. i did indeed find inion ni scannlain there.

i also remembered that there’s a very nice abc converter at, which made me a pdf file quickly & easily. you can find the converter here:

and will, thanks for sending me to lunasa’s website. i hadn’t noticed that they were posting their music there.

y’all are a very helpful bunch of folks. i’m glad i joined up 🙂


Re: introduction & yet another tune request

Hey sarah, I just posted a message about inion ni scannlain, what a coincidence, I heard that Donogh hennessy wrote that tune about his girlfriend, is that amazing or what, I hope that he has another tune or two on their new album that will be out soon. Mary