Castagnari vs Saltarelle (chromatics)

Castagnari vs Saltarelle (chromatics)

Hello there again,

I wrote a similar post 2 weeks ago about castagnari vs serenellini…

I’m almost decided between castagnari magica 5 rows and saltarelle bourroche 5 rows. They’re almost the same, same voices, same registers, same bass, same look…

Anybody can give me some light to this decision? I’m in love with Castagnari aestethics, but Saltarelle is cheaper and has a great sound too. Castagnari makes them and for what I’ve been reading on the internet, Saltarelle doesn’t make them, is only a seller…

Someone who has tried one of these models?

It would be great to read some opinions about it!


Re: Castagnari vs Saltarelle (chromatics)

Hello Albert,

As I said in the previous post, I am very happy with the Bourroche. Never tried the Magica. The registers on the Bourroche make it extremely versatile, and can be activated while playing. A great intrument, all in all.

Good luck with your choice. Given the price of these instruments, they’re worth a long drive for a comparative test. Depends where you live.