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‘Tis a Sean Nos, an air which is left ‘loose’, that is open to interpretation, it does not have set arrangements or anything like that. It is supposed to be done differently by different singers.

Make your best attempt to follow the song on your instrument, here

Here from Brendan’s site are the words in Gaelic of the song.
De Bhárr Na gCnoc.

Ó seal do bhíos im mhaighdean shéimh,
Ach anois im bhaintrigh chaite thréith.
Tá mo chéile ag treabhadh na dton go tréan,
De bharr na gcnoc is in imigéin.


Sé mo rogha é, thoghas dom fhéin é,
Is maith an domhan go dtabharfainn é.
D’fhonn a bheith ar bord long gan bhaol,
De bharr na gcnoc is in imigéin.

Go bhfeicead-sa coróin ar stór mo chléibhe,
A bhogfaidh ceo is brón do Ghaeil,
Gach rí atá sa domhan go léir,
Ag umhlú dhó, le cúnamh Dé.


Ó suífead síos ar chnoc go hard
Is geobhad ó Homer cleite im láimh,
Má dh’eitlím timpeall, go scríobhfad mo sháith,
Ar ghníomharthaibh súl is mo ghrá.


If you are getting stuck with the air, I haven’t tried it but is sounds to me as if the main theme note is the top mediant note of the key you pitch it in. The melody falls meandering back to the root from the first phrase of each verse.

You might find it in something like John Roche’s books. He tried to collect Sean Nos songs, I say tried because to the native population there is no written version. You are expected to listen to it enough that one day you just know it.

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Something like this —
T:De Bharr Na gCnoc
|:g/f/|e>dB<G ^GB2G|GE2F GB2g/f/|e>dB<G ^GB2G|GE2FE2:|
e2fg _a3f|e2de B3B|e2fg b3^g|g3g/f/ e2f g/b/|^g2=gf2g2f
e>dB<G ^GB2G|GE2F GB2g/f/|e>dB<G ^GB2G|GE2FE2|

PS it’s in here, apparently

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Thank you very much, for the lyrics, the advice, the abc and the link to the book. I have only been playing for a month or two so I had some difficulty trying to figure it out.

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The OP clip is probably played on a D/D#box, so it probably easy to drop it down a semi-tone and play it in D.