DADGAD beginner chords/charts

DADGAD beginner chords/charts

I am attempting for the 2nd time to pick up the guitar and learn to play. My first attempt was thwarted when I fell in love with the fiddle (which left my fingers sore and my time limited).
But being a stubborn redhead and wanting to play an instrument that I can sing while playing, I am determined to learn the guitar.

Since I didn’t make any real progress that lasted when I first started to learn in standard tuning, I decided to go ahead and give DADGAD a shot since I am going to be playing mostly Celtic music.

A freind loaned me a book, but there are more chords there than I can possibly sort through and I’m trying to figure out which chords are best for a beginner to work on. Most of the stuff I’ll be working on will be in the keys of #D and #G

In additon to knowing which beginner chords to learn, does anyone have a link to a chord chart? The only ones I can find are too small to read.

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes pity on this poor beginner


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This web site might also help:

Zan McLeod plays in DADGAD, and teaches. He’s very good.

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Re: DADGAD beginner chords/charts

You can find som e good adressess in this discussion

Also, browse the Discussions for DADGAD - surely you will find loads of information.

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The best advice I can give re DADGAD is build your own chords manually, ie: find the root note for the chord you need and then a 3rd and 4th or 5th within easy finger reach.

I went to many DADGAD workshops, this was THE most useful thing anyone taught me.

Then just drop the 3rd to turn it into a modal sounding chord, or move that finger down a fret and its now a minor chord.

Often with just 2 fingers down and the droning open strings you get nice sounds.

The charts are useful, but you’ll discover stuff ( voicings ) you wouldn’t otherwise if you build the chords yourself.

I realise your a beginner, so that might be expecting a lot, but in my experience , once I abandonded the initially-useful charts on the WWW I discovered a lot more . Those charts would have been created by someone just fiddling around on the finger-board anyway originally.

Good Luck