DJ Kenny

DJ Kenny

They’ve let me loose on the airwaves. The “Station House Media Unit” [ “SHMU” ] is a community radio station broadcasting locally around Aberdeen. It’s run mainly by volunteers, and until recently had a folk / traditional music programme until presenter Gus MacDonald no longer had the time to carry it on. I’ve taken over the presentation of the programme, along with another local musician Colin Edwards. We play quite a mixture of material between us, but Colin has been on holiday these last two weeks, so I’ve had the run of things to myself. Consequently, there’s a fair bit of flute content in the programme which went out yesterday - you can listen to each programme online for a week after initial broadcast. I had played a lot of Irish music in the programmes on either side of The Willie Clancy week, and did a mainly Scottish programme of recent releases last week to redress the balance. This week I went international, playing some songs I like, but also flute tracks from Jean-Michel Veillon, from new recordings by Kieran O’Hare and John Skelton, and Louise Mulcahy, and flute is also included by groups “Lllan de Cubel” and “The Alan Kelly Gang” [ Steph Geremia ].
Give it a listen - constructive criticism would be appreciated, and Colin has set up a “Facebook” page for the show if you wanted to comment there.
To hear my dulcet tones, try this link - it should work with a single click - go to “Listen again” - it may take a minute or two to connect, it is sometimes slow. Please remember, all of us are amateur broadcasters - it’s the music that is important !

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Re: DJ Kenny

PS - any requests ?

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Congradulations Kenny! Given all the hard work you’ve put into the recordings I have no doubt you know your stuff. I look forward to listening.

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That link is now on my browser tool bar,
ready for tomorrow, I should say later today 🙂
I’ll get a Listen then.

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Looking forward to this… 😉 Best of luck!

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What’s your handle? Surely you need something other than just “DJ”. Maybe we could have a whip round and get folks to contribute ideas? I promise to stay away from any “Southpark” inspirations… 😉 Other names for ‘DJ’ begin with the full ‘Disk Jockey’, and another shorten version, ‘Jock’… I just hope you don’t give into the dark side and slip into ‘Shock Jock’ mode…

‘Jock’ at least has a bit of a Scottish mist about it. 😀

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I’ve certainly enjoyed the folk compilations you’ve made it in the past Kenny (to put a fledgling banjo player on the right path) so I’ve no doubt this will be quality set of tunes. Will be sure to tune in.

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You sound like a natural Kenny. You must have done this before?

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Like it Excellant !
A Great wee local folk radio station, with a very lovely Global Outlook.
Enjoyed Listening to this show. The Song about Paperboy,
just over, and your recommendation’s aboot Aberdeen folk club.
As I write this I’m Listening to your ’ Irish jig’s Friend’s ’ 🙂
That second jig Remind’s me of an old tune ’ The White Pony.’
May be Scot’s in origin .
Anyway a Lovely Show and,
* Don’t Change a Thing !

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“Please remember, all of us are amateur broadcasters “

I’ll take issue with that statement!

Far better to have you doing it than using one of those overpaid so-called professional presenters with their media studies degrees, journalistic-speak and zero subject matter knowledge!

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I like your presentation style Kenny. Also like your eclectic musical choices. Well done. I will keep listening.

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Kenny, I have to say I’m more of a fan of tunes over vocals, but you have put together a quality set with great instrumentation and backing. This is my first to hear about another John Skelton/Kieran O’Hare duo album, and I’ll be looking forward to that being available. I also have Steph’s solo CD, but have not yet acquired the one in the band setting. Keep the shows coming!

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Great stuff Kenny

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l enjoyed that Kenny, it’s good to hear a show that is put together by an enthusiast rather than a production team with a playlist and a target demographic.

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I liked that. Will keep listening.

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Many thanks for all the positive comments, folks. We’ll try to maintain the standard, [ even with the banjos ] 🙂

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One of the few things I can listen to without interruptions, burps, hiccups and farts, meaning things this old computer does to media. You struck a loud chord of memory and I was dancing right from the start… It was somewhere between Brittany and Romania, loved it.

Nicely done Kenny, I enjoyed the mix. It is good to have a theme to flow through, whether gently or shooting rapids…

A play list would be a nice touch. I take it that as far as re-listening there’s just room for the most recent? They’re lucky, the station and the locals, to have you guiding their ears…

Nope, not being familiar with “The Proclaimers” I wouldn’t have been able to guess that one.

Thanks for the listens and best of luck! ~ ‘c’

“remember — it’s the music that is important !”

Yes! I used to spin disks for local hospital radio, but the one thing I just couldn’t bring myself to play was Frank Sinatra’s “I Did it My Way”… However, I did manage to slip in some tracks from our own collection of listens.

It would be great if you can get your hands on some of the traditional musics from Eastern realms ~ Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, the former Jugoslavia, the many overlapped borders of Macedonia. Amongst the least likely to be known are those of Poland, ‘mountain music’, and ‘The Ukraine’! There are many different groups lumped under the heading of Gypsy, but among my favourite listens, and dances, are those from the Vlacci/Vlachs, also a category covering several different peoples/traditions, crossing several borders - Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Albania, Greece and Bulgaria. And, currently suffering the jingoism drawing blood in some of those countries… All have what one could call a ‘whistle tradition’, and flute too, simple systems, and bagpipes too, and fiddle… Favourite simple system winds of ours from those realms include the kaval, furulya and taragote. Further afield but also mesmerizing are the many ways with another relative of the kaval, the nai, sweet… But, knowing you, there’s more than one program that could just be winds, in all kinds of situations, including backing song…

Just another of my rambles. I trust you to give your audience pleasurable listens, old and new, music and audience…

Re: DJ Kenny

Nice voice for the radio Kenny, but I’m getting a lot of boom, possibly needing just a little bit more space between the voice and the microphone, or side addressing, and a little cut off or adjustment of that lower area of a great vocal timbre and a decent presentation, for more clarity and less boom…

Re: DJ Kenny

Appreciate that last comment in particular, “c” - will see if we can improve it. As far as a track list is concerned, we do intend to start putting that up on the “Facebook” page, but Colin handles that side of things at the moment, and gets back this weekend. In the meantime - here’s what was played on Wednesday :

Track list for 30/06/14 programme :

1 - “ Bigov“ – Gilles Le Bigot and Jean-Michel Veillon
CD – “Empreintes#2” - Giles Le Bigot

2 – “Scotland’s Story” - “The Proclaimers”
CD – “Persevere”

3 – “Lumela Lesotho / Kilfenora Jig” - Gerry O’Connor
CD – “Time To Time”

4 – “The Isle Of Skye” - “Corries”
CD – “The Very Best Of The Corries”

5 – “The Cape” - Eric Bibb

6 – “Alborada d’Amandi / Entemediu de Nemsio / Alborada Tigre
Xuan” - “Llan de Cubel”
CD – “Llan De Cubel 4”

7 – “Paper Boy” - David Francey

8 – “A Hundred Pipers / Farranfore” –
John Skelton & Kieran O’Hare
CD – “Two Tone”

9 - “The Doffin Mistress” – June Tabor & Maddy Prior
CD – “Silly Sisters”

10 – “Kean O’Hara” - Louise Mulcahy
CD – “Tuning The Road”

11 – “Mill Towns” – “Trouble In The Kitchen” [ Ado Barker ]
CD – “The Next Turn”

12 - “Island Of Woods / Dans Fisel” - Alan Kelly Gang
CD –“Small Towns And Famous Nights”

13 – “Femskaft / Amagerdans*” – Uhrbrand, Lydom & Cahill
CD – “Spring” by “ULC”
* - [ had to fade out for the news just as this was starting ]

“SHMU FM” , being a community station, actually does broadcast a 2-hour programme for the Polish community in Aberdeen every week. Several members of that community have been participating in a joint singing project with Scottish singers, and the organisation with whom I run a flute class agreed just a week ago to contribute significantly to the costs of running that singing class for the next year. You’ve just given me the idea of maybe inviting one of them into the studio one afternoon to tell us a bit about Polish traditional music. Must check that out. Thanks.

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Re: DJ Kenny

Thanks Kenny, appreciated. One of the festivals I’ve always longed to attend is in the mountains along the Polish border, but I’m not remembering the name of it right now, except that it had a strong focus on bagpipes, and some uilleann pipers from Ireland and great highland bagpipe players from Scotland have attended, also pipers from Cymru/Wales and England. It’s not annual.

The bit on the ‘East’ was partly a hint to draw a little positive attention to traditions with regards to ‘The Ukraine’, for which we have several members on site here, and which also has a simple system ‘whistle’ tradition, something we’ve discussed here in the past. Every bit of bad news from there has brought those members to mind, but I haven’t yet had the nerve to raise a discussion or drop them a line, knowing it would need to be phrased just right, with diplomacy, something I am sometimes lacking… 😏 though but a small blip, my thoughts and prayers have been and are with them…

To name a few ~

Viking of Kiev - Russian living in the Ukraine

zheliu - Kyiv, Ukraine

andy_on_the_box - Ukraine

ruthruin - Ukraine

Haidukr ~ Rost Tatomyr - Lviv, Western Ukraine
folk band Burdon


kvor - Sevastopol, Ukraine

Kirill - Ukraine

& mentioned on site, and I think there’s more than one such band ~ a local Ukrainian Celtic folk band named “Run” (“Secret”) ~ !?!

Tune: “Sadegurer Khosid” (Sadeger, now Sadgora, is in the Ukraine)

Re: DJ Kenny

Well done, Kenny. Nice to hear Ado Barker singing. I’ll also keep listening.

Re: DJ Kenny

Good stuff Kenny - very enjoyable selection of tunes & songs - will listen to your newest show this week on listen again when I get some spare time…

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Re: DJ Kenny

Yesterday’s programme has been uploaded, and can be accessed using the same link at the top of the discussion.
The opening track came straight from a discussion posted here at the weekend by “The Happy Camper”.
Instrumental tracks # 3, 6, 9,10 and 11 should be of interest to tune players.
Track 5 I dedicated to your good selves, and in a fit of overwhelming generosity, to all the bodhran players in the community.
If you don’t want to hear the songs, you can move the slider control forward to miss them out.
Any comments appreciated.

1 - “Billy’s Reel” - John McCusker [ Michael McGoldrick on flute ]
[ CD - “Billy Connolly’s Musical Tour of New Zealand” ]

2 – “Love Never Dies” – Martin Simpson [ CD – “Righteous Humidity” ]

3 – “Finlay MacLennan Smillie Of Finavon Castle / The Braes Of Castle Grant / Ruileadh Cailleach, ’heatadh Cailleach” – Phil MacLennan Smillie [ CD – “The Sound of Taransay” ]

4 – “10 – 15 Year Old Festival Blues” - Mike Silver [ CD – “How Many Rivers” ]

5 – “Wrap It Up” - “Four Men And A Dog” [ CD - “Barking Mad” ]

6 – “Lament For Abercairney” - Chris Leslie [ CD – “The Flow” ]

7 – “Dancing At Whitsun” – Tim Hart [ iTunes ]

8 – “The Northern Cowboy” - Dougie MacLean [ CD – “Snaigow” ]

9 – “Conon Bridge / MacBeth’s / Major David Manson / Mrs.McPherson Of Inveran” –
- “Tannahill Weavers [ CD “Land Of Light” ]

10 – “The Other High Reel / The Monaghan Twig”
- Desi Wilkinson, Frankie Gavin, Liam O’Flynn [ iTunes ]

11 – “The Quiet Man” set – Jonny Hardie & Gavin Marwick [ CD – “The Blue Lamp” ]

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Re: DJ Kenny - Calum Stewart

We had quite an interesting programme yesterday, with a live visit into the studio by Scottish flute player and uilleann piper Calum Stewart, with Breton musicians Heikki Bourgaut on guitar and Yann Bozec on double bass which we pre-recorded on Tuesday. The trio played a set of 3 Scottish tunes, Calum playing them on uilleann pipes, and then there was about 10 minutes or so of discussion. We will play the 2nd half of the recording - more chat, and another live set next week. Because it was Calum, I crowbarred a few flute tracks in - 2 sets from their “Hunter’s Moon” recording, a track by Klezmer flute player Adrianne Greenbaum, whom I had heard for the first time last week in Aberdeen, and a “novelty” track by Gary Shannon. It was all a bit chaotic in the studio, and not at all “polished”, but great fun anyway. I think some of it at least should be of interest to people here, so give it a listen :

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Re: DJ Kenny

A belated Happy Christmas to all from myself and Colin. Here’s the track list from our Christmas programme, up online until next Thursday. [ See link provided above ].

1 – “Ding Dong Merrily On High” - Frankie Gavin
2– “Arthur McBride” - Paul Brady
3 – “Winter” – John Smith
4 – “Suddenly It’s Christmas” - Loudon Wainwright III
5 – “7 O’Clock News / Silent Night” – Simon & Garfunkel
6 – “Variations On Good King Wenceslas” - Chris Norman
7 – “Santa’s Phone Call” - “Scotland The What” [ Stephen Donald ]
8 – “Gaudete” - “Steeleye Span”
9 – ““Christmas Day I’da Moarnin” – “The Baltimore Consort”
10–” The Rebel Jesus“ - Jackson Browne & The Chieftains

Please check out Frankie Gavin’s “Ding Dong Merrily On High”, and also Chris Norman’s “Variations On Good King Wenceslas”, especially if you play flute.
We also put in a bit of “Doric” [ NE of Scotland ] humour, track#7, where “Santa” from the toy shop, Ballater, phones Buckingham Palace ! No translation provided - figure it out for yourselves !
A’ the best, Kenny & Colin.

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Re: DJ Kenny

Hi folks - well, Colin and myself are still on the air, one year after taking the big jump. We took the opportunity yesterday to do a review programme featuring the various live guests we’ve had into the studio since starting a year ago.
The link at the top of the page is still valid - you can hear the “anniversary” programme for the next 6 days.
We include music by the following singers / musicians :

Calum Stewart & Heikki Bourgault
Paul McKenna Band
Alan Carr [ Aberdeen singer ]
Mike Katz & Mike Whellans [ border pipes and blues harp ! ]
“Red Tail Ring” [ USA ]
new track from Richard Thompson
Barbara Dymock & Chris Marra
Marilla Homes [ Australia ]
De Danann
Jean-Michel Veillon & Giles Le Bigot

Still willing to consider any requests !

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Re: DJ Kenny

Kenny-Congratulations. I can’t believe it’s been a year since you first posted the news. Keep up the good work.

Re: DJ Kenny

Each week we announce local music events, and have been using as a backing track a great piece of music, “Bigov”, written by Breton musician Gilles le Bigot, and played by him and Jean Michel Veillon on flute. It’s on Gilles’ CD “Empreintes #2”, and is the last track played on our current “anniversary” show.
I was looking for it on “Youtube”, and quite by accident stumbled across the recording below, which has the piece played by Erwan a Erquy, a flute player who looks as if he’s hardly even in his teens.

Someone has also posted the original here :

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Re: DJ Kenny

Went a bit mad with the plastic at the Willie Clancy week last Sunday, so yesterday’s programme featured tracks from some fairly new releases :

Track #2 from Aine Heslin’s CD of original tunes, played on Boehm-system flute and whistle :

Have a listen to 3 reels by Kavan O’Donohoe - how do the pipes sound to you ?

This track “The American Polka”, from “Caitlin & Ciaran” - from
which is here on “Youtube” :

and Track #15 from this fine collection :

I’ll be playing tracks from another 6 new-ish releases next Wednesday, 22nd.

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Re: DJ Kenny

Tracks from more new releases from Ireland purchased at Willie Clancy week :

After opening track from “Sunny Banks” by Edel Fox and Niall Byrne [ not a new release ] , next 4 tracks were from new CDs by -

Bryan O’Leary & Colm Guilfoyle [ @4m52s ]
John Kerr & Peter Brice [ @8m55s ]
Seamus Sands [ @13m55s ]
Eddie Moloney [ @ 17m50s ]

One more new-ish Irish release from Paudie O’Connor and Aoife Ni Chaoimh [ @52m45s ]
See post above for internet link.

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Re: DJ Kenny

Since this weekend coming the World Pipe Band Championships are taking place in Glasgow, I took “piping” as the theme for yesterday’s programme. There’s some good stuff here, Scottish, Irish, and elsewhere….

1 – “Old Bush / Jolly Tinker / { Richard Dwyer’s }” - Jarlath Henderson & Ross Ainslie
2 - “Zito The Bubbleman*” set - “Ceolbeg” [ * Gordon Duncan tune ]
3 – “Noble Trousers” set - “Caledon” [ piper - Rory Campbell ]
4 - “Fandangu Puntiau / Alborada Asturiana” - “Llan de Cubel” [ Asturias, Spain ]
5 - “Aires De Pontevedra” - Robert Mathieson [ air from Galicia, with string quartet ]
6 - “Dr. MacInnes’ Fancy / Jim Tweedie’s Sea Legs” - Tony Cuffe [ guitar ]
8- “Gipsy Davy / Old Bush” - “Tamlin” [ Finbar Furey ]
9- “Fife & A’ The Lands” - “Heritage” [ Northumbrain pipes - air from James Oswald collection ]
10 - “Senor Celtic y El Grupo” - Anne Gray [ Scottish “small” pipes, and flamenco guitar ! ]
11 - “Pressed For Time” - “Flook” [ Gordon Duncan tune ]
Play out - “2013 medley”- “Field Marshall Montgomery” 6.43

Hope it may be of some interest - link below :

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Re: DJ Kenny

Still on air - track listing for “St. Patrick’s Day” programme 2016 :

1 - “Seol Do Bhó = Biddy From Sligo set” - Séamus Begley & Stephen Cooney

2 - “Meet Me on the Midnight Shore” - John Spillane

3 - “The Galway Rambler” - Michael Daly [ flute ] & Liam Farrell [ banjo ]

4 - “The Maid Behind The Bar” - Eddie Corcoran [ whistle ] & Seamus Tansey [ tambourine ]

5 - “The Cuckoo’s Nest” - Paddy Breen [ flageolet ]

6 - “I Know My Love” - Jimmy Crowley & “Stoker’s Lodge”

7 - “Galway To Graceland” - Sean Keane

8 - “Put The Cake On The Dresser” [“Cooley’s”] - Michael Gorman [ fiddle ]

9 - “The Belfast Hornpipe” - Jimmy Cleary & Margaret Barry [ “Duelling banjos !” ]

12 - “Are Ye Right, There, Michael, Are Ye Right ?” - Oliver Kane

13 - “Back Home In Derry” - Christy Moore

14 - “Forgotten Hero” - Andy Irvine & “Patrick Street”

Play Out : “Pretty Peg ……- “Altan”

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Re: DJ Kenny

Thanks for sharing, Kenny! Just what I needed.

Re: DJ Kenny

For our final live programme of 2017, Colin and I decided to do something a bit different. As I pointed out a week ago, it was 14 years last Friday since Johnny Cunningham departed from us, and bearing that in mind, and with the time of the year, we decided to do a “Christmas pantomime” type of programme. Johnny was the musical director for a production by the “Mabou Mines Theatre company” of New York which told the tale of Peter Pan using puppets.
A CD was produced of the music accompanying the show - I posted it here 4 years ago : see link here :

We played the CD in its’ entirety from start to finish, our only interruptions being to announce the track titles to give some sort of context. If you want to give it a listen, you can hear it using the “Listen again” facility on the programme’s home page using this link :

The programme will be overwritten by a new one - our “Review Of The Year” - on Thursday 28th.

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Re: DJ Kenny

We were quite pleased with our “St. Patrick’s Day 2018” programme, although I had to present it myself as Colin was a bit under the weather. A bit ahead of its’ time, but it’s online now :

Saddened of course to hear of the passing of Liam O’Flynn [ RIP ], and we do intend making a small tribute to the man and his music next week [ available from Thurs. 22nd ].

Track listing is as follows - it’s not 100% Irish as one of our priorities is always to promote musicians appearing locally. I also managed to dedicate a track to Stephen Hawking. How did I do that ? 🙂

After opening “jingle” :

1 - “Junior Crehan’s / Corney Is Coming” - “Planxty” with Liam O’Flynn

2 – “Clifford’s slides”– [from new release “Music In The Glen” - our March “Album Of The Month” ]
- Brendan Mulholland, Conor Lamb and Deirdre Galway

3 – “Ridgeway” – Martin Simpson [ Stonehaven Folk Club last Friday ]

4 –“ The Twin Cities / Winnie Hayes’“ – Sean O’Driscoll [ banjo ]

5 – “Thank God We’re Surrounded By Water” – “The Dubliners”

6 – “Downtown” – “Moving Hearts”


8 – “Highland Harry” – Dougie MacLean [ new release ] Playing Stonehaven 23rd March

9 – “Take Me Out Drinking” - Iona Fyfe – [ new release ] “The Blue Lamp”, Aberdeen 29th March

11 – “Mo Gile Mear” – “Relativity” 🙂 [ dedicated to the memory of Stephen Hawking [RIP] ]

12 – “Maids Of Mitchelstown” – “The Bothy Band”

PLAY OUT – “McKendrick’s” [ Mohsen Amini on concertina ] - From new release “TMSA Tour 2017”

Does anyone have a favourite Liam O’Flynn track you’d like us to play next week ?
Any memories of him or his music ?
We’re open to suggestions and all will be appreciated.
Many thanks, Kenny

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