Ian Powrie Tunes

Ian Powrie Tunes

James Doyle (https://thesession.org/members/96238) posted the following request mistakenly (I’m assuming) on another discussion:

I was looking for the music for five tunes from the Ian Powrie video (mono LH sound):

Alex McArthur of Biggar,
Provost of Forganderry,
Jimmy’s Aye Diggin
Billy Thom’s Reel
The Rural jig

i’ve downloaded the Franks - very good indeed, but where can I get the others?

James D."

Re: Ian Powrie Tunes

"The Provost of Forgandenny" is a Bobby Crowe tune. You’ll find it in the book "The Dalriada Collection" (Billy Thom’s is in there too), though it might be out of print at present.

Re: Ian Powrie Tunes

The Rural Jig is in the book too.

Re: Ian Powrie Tunes

The Rural Jig is also on John Chambers’ TuneFinder. You may have to scroll down a long way - listed as no. 113 when I checked a few minutes ago.

Comments show that it has been arranged by T. Traub.

The Dalriada Collection is apparently published by Deeay Music in 1995.

Apart from Billy Thom (noted above) none of the remainder are on JC’s site.

Re: Ian Powrie Tunes

I have transcribed all of these tunes in one of my notebooks at some point, so if you send me a message, I’ll send them to you.

"The Provost of Forgandenny" probably refers to Jimmy Blue, who played accordion in Ian Powrie’s band.
"Billy Thom’s Reel" was composed by Jim Johnstone.

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Alex MacArthur of Biggar and Jimmy’s aye Diggin’ were composed by Angus Fitchet, I think.

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"Alex MacArthur of Biggar and Jimmy’s aye Diggin’ were composed by Angus Fitchet, I think."

"Alex MacArthur" definitely, and published in the recent "The Music of Angus Fitchet" Vol.1. Not so long ago I came across a recording of "Jimmy’s Aye Diggin", but now I can’t remember where. The tune’s not published in any of the three Fitchet collections I have. I did find it on-line, however, in one of the Isle of Wight Scottish Fiddler’s collections, and it’s credited to "Angus Fitchett" (sic).

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Hallo and many thanks to all of you.

Nigel, if you could send me the tunes you mention I’d be most grateful.
I’m now on lanjppd@yahoo.com

(Lycos are having technical problems again)

Go raibh mile maith agaibh aris go leir!!

Many thanks again!

James D

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To Nigel Gatherer

lycos mail are havining one of their daft periods and I can only read the mail list, but neither send nor compose mail.

Since this happens on lycos a couple of times each year, I’m now using yahoo.com mail service. It works!

Many thanks again
James D.