Celtic Connections Photos - Danu et al.

Celtic Connections Photos - Danu et al.

Greetings all from sunny Glasgow (yes, really),

It is nearly the end of the festival for another year and it has been a cracker of a year. I have been lucky to be allowed to take some photos over the course of the festival. They are all on https://www.facebook.com/ABCassidyPhotography.

The latest album was from Thursday night’s gig in the Old Fruitmarket - Danu’s 20 year anniversary.


Have any other session.orgers been along to any gigs? What did you see?


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I’ve seen a nice mixture of folk but not much folk music.

Sea Road Sessions, Punch Brothers, Tweedy and Calexico tomorrow.

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The Sea Road Sessions: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.376986802473191.1073741882.157658407739366&type=1

The Punch Brothers: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.378103765694828.1073741885.157658407739366&type=3

Both gigs were great. I would be taking more photos tonight but, unfortunately, my camera has taken a tumble and will need to go in for repairs. A night of sitting in the audience and just enjoying the music beckons!

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Sunday Funday last week!

A blast!

Session club after for more tunes til 3:30

Good times!

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Great work, Alastair!

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Like your work Alistair. Dunno how particular you are about prints (ie there are some great value for money outlets in London) but Aldi are doing a great budget print service, working out at 34p/12"x8", but make sure you do your Lightroom editing precisely first.
Christy Macnamara is a great trad. mus. photographer, nice guy and fine box player, do you know his work?

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Thank you all. I will be Sunday Fundaying it today. I thought that I maybe saw you in the Club as well. Oh well, there is always next time.

I haven’t done a lot of printing. I did do some prints recently that I have entered into a competition that is on later this month. I got them printed in the local photo shop in Perth. They did a pretty good job of it although, had I been a little more organised, then I may have got them done more cheaply. The same definitely goes for the mounting.

I don’t think I know Christy’s work, no although I may have always seen some of his photos. You have got me curious though.

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His work on trad musicians is mostly in black and white

I got a load of my Cuba pix printed on 12x8 using Aldi’s service - they look great. And I remember our lecturer on my recent intermediate DSLR photography course saying always get nice big prints done and display them round your house or office - you never can tell which potential client might see them!

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Shame to be so brief Alisdair but it was good catching you for that brief wee time!

I suspect you are just getting going with your night about now 🙂


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Went to Transatlantic Sessions at the concert hall on Saturday night, a great evening played to a high standard with a good few impromptu laughs along the way. I got brownie points for taking the wife out to dinner beforehand 🙂