BBC Genome Project

BBC Genome Project

Anyone interested in researching the history of radio and TV performances in the UK may be interested in the BBC Genome Project. This is an online searchable database of Radio and TV programme listings published in the BBC’s weekly journal "Radio Times" from 1923 to 2009.
The link to the Genome website is:

Note that it is not an audio music source at present, although that may change, but it should be ideal for finding out who was broadcasting at a particular time, together with programme details.

The website is:, which is currently in Beta, so improvements and further developments may be expected in due course.

A usage tip: When using the Advanced option, if you want the best results be sure to first tick all the days of the week you are interested in and make sure the broadcast times cover the full 24 hours. Perhaps a later version of the Project will make these the default.

Re: BBC Genome Project

I thought, from the title, this would be telling us what our ancestry was, and whether we were qualified to play ITM on the basis of being possessed of "The True Drop" of blood…..
Distinctly disappointed that this is not the case, losing an opportunity for heated prejudicial discussions.
Bah, humbug !