Help finding lost whistles - 2

Help finding lost whistles - 2

Hello to all,

I’m very much in need of some assistance to hopefully recover some lost instruments. A case of the nerves is all I can blame it on, but while attending my very first session I left behind two of my favorite whistles.

This occurred at the Green Briar slow session held on Monday June 7, 2004 7:00pm - 9:00pm.

I’ve called the pub but nothing. I’ve asked my cousin Sean Higgins to contact both Larry & Mike Reynolds to ask the folks at this coming session on Monday June 14.

If you were there, I was sitting in at the front part of the pub by the door (fire door, Washington Street side) partially opened for ventilation which put me around most of the other whistles. I was playing my flute.

I did stay over for the regular session 9:00pm-11:00pm. I got permission from Larry Reynolds to record the session for learning purposes. For this part of the session I sat in the very back of the room towards the restrooms and by the door they open that allows the smokers outside to hear the session. I was about one table away from Larry and close to most of the flute/bodhran players at this point.

The instruments were both in a single soft case with a tie string opening, light blue in color.

I’d like to hold off on describing the instruments until I am hopefully contacted to supply such. Please note, I do not live in the area of Boston. I am offering a reward for the safe return.

Please contact me directly with any information.

Thank you,
Jay Lyons

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Re: Help finding lost whistles - 2

Sorry to hear it. But, if you were not the last player who left the place, it’s very likely one of other musicians keep your whistles for the next session. I believe this is the case.

You know, some session musicians are very hevy drinkers, and it’s very common they leave some parts of their instruments in the pub. Sober musicians always take responsibility for them and bring them next session. That’s what usually happen. So I believe you don’t have to worry about it too much.

Hiroyuki Yamada

Re: Help finding lost whistles - 2

When in my cups (and not as I get older) I occasionally leave instruments behind at sessions, and I’ve never lost one in this way.
Good luck