Great song about sessions

Great song about sessions

The Session

Oh, they say that a song is considered to long
If it goes over 25 verses
In the midst of a session its listeners will lessen
Repeating the chorus to often will bore us
And drive us to states of distraction
It’s best that the lark keeps its air short and sharp
Or it’s liable to end up in traction

The width and the breath and the depth of a session
The skill and the spill and the thrill of it all
The string and the red and the skin in contenting
A session, no messin, I’m still in its thrall

Oh, a fiddle or four when you walk in the door
Is a sight that can cause apprehension
‘cos fiddles you see are like rabbits they breed
The details I care not to mention
Five, six and now seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven
A feline cacophony wails
No ifs and no buts but this torture of guts
Should end up with a stretch in the jail


Be it bodhrán or bones will the sticks and the stones
They are thrown from within and without sir
Don’t mention the spoons ‘cos they mangle the tunes
Oh, I’d toss that their loss is our win sir
Well you’ve got cause to gripe if a box or a pipe
They collide in a slide or a reel
With a banjo thrown in, there’s an unholy din
To the law well we surely should squeal

Mick Lynch ‘08
RIP 17th December 2015

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Re: Great song about sessions

I imagine that ‘the red’ = ‘the reed’. But it might, I suppose, cover other bases:

Red wine, diluted to beer strength in a pint glass, is IMO a very nice session drink. It’s roughly what the Ancient Greeks partied on.

It could be the Red as in Under The Bed. In the Seventies and Eighties every session had one or more of them. They seem less evident these days, though maybe they have just morphed. Frankly, I feel they are rather needed now.

‘Red’ could also connote small nodules of resin purporting to come from Lebanon, and handled rather cagily.

Other. 🙂

Re: Great song about sessions

What’s the air for it? I naturally was led to using "The Bold Thady Quill"

Re: Great song about sessions

No mention of walking into a sea of guitars… that definitely needs to be in there, speaking as a chord player.

Re: Great song about sessions

@Lynn: The man himself is sadly no longer here to add to it, so you’ll have to compose any additional verses yourself.