Shetlands accommodation and teachers

Shetlands accommodation and teachers

Semi-rank beginner, been fiddling for a year and half, considering going to the Shetlands, where they apparently play my favourite kind of tunes, next year for August. Anyone know about possible accommodation, teachers, etc. in those farflung isles?

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I’m planning to go this summer, I’ll let you know when I get back.

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I am from Lerwick, in Shetland, and am delighted that you guys are thinking of visiting.

I can recommend the following links:

1. Shetland Islands Tourism:

Shetland Islands Tourism can help you with travel arrangements, accommodation bookings, etc.

(Tip: You can usually get instant online help from SIT staff by selecting the ‘Live Assistance’ option at the bottom of the left column).

Some pages of the site that you may be particularly interested keen to look at include:

Shetland Fiddle School:

Shetland Folk Festival:

Shetland Fiddle and Accordion Festival:

Simmer’n Sessions

Music (general info about music in Shetland):

2. Shetland Music Development Project:

A good resource for anyone seeking info about music in Shetland. Some of the content is a little bit out of date, but the majority of it is still relevant.

3. Shetland Bands

Fiddlers’ Bid:

Hom Bru:


I hope that at least some of these links are of use to you all.

Cheers for now.

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David, I’m glad Gerry posted that query because this information you gave is very useful. I’m planning to got up to the Shetlands at the end of July, all being well.

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Hi there,
I myself stay in shetland aswell.
I must say shetland is a superb place, breathtaking scenery,amazing food and the majority of the people are most welcoming. The best part for me must be the music, there is a such wide range and many of the musicians blow me away, sending shivers down my spine and almost bringing a tear to my eye.


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Thanks for the info David, I am sure that it will come in handy for planning next year’s holidays, and I will be checking out those bands meanwhile. And I am looking forward to your comments upon your return, Cath. Hope you enjoy yer stay.
So far about the only Shetland music that I know about is what I hear on "The Silver Bow" (masterful playing and composition) and a few tunes available from various sites on the web. Hoping to expand this familiarity greatly in future. Cheers y’all