Joe Derrane RIP

Joe Derrane RIP

Sorry to hear that the great box player Joe Derrane passed away on 22nd July at 86 years old…May he rest in peace…..

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Sad news-a wonderful player. RIP

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A great contributor to the music we share a passion for here, and to good times. Here’s a short sampling for those who might not be familiar with the man and his music. There’s much more to chase up if this wets your interest.

"Joe Derrane" ~ just a sampling

Recordings on site:

Joe Derrane Tribute ~ Boston College
Gaelic Roots Series: Sept. 22, 2011 (there are 7 parts)

Joe Derrane plays at his own pace ~ Paul Keating / IrishCentral

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"The Roseland Barndance" - Joe Derrane - one I’ll be getting reacquainted with and playing this weekend.

Any other of his compositions? - on site or that could be added, with interest?

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RIP. One of the greats, and a real throwback too, his playing wasn’t what you’d hear coming out of a fiddle. His duet albums with Seamus Connolly and Frankie Gavin are really interesting in that regard, the contrast.

The ITMA have a wonderful long chat with Joe about his music:

His albums have an original tune here and there, if you want to hunt them up. One I play myself is Grainne’s jig, which I was told was a Tommy Peoples tune but Joe says actually he composed the 1st two parts himself back in the 50s.

I have both the Jerry O’Brien tutor and collection, which give a hint about Joe’s music - Jerry was his teacher. The way to figure out what the heck he was doing would be to just slow the records down and attempt to play along. Joe did that with a couple of John Kimmel records he came across in his youth, both of which he recorded himself - the Union reel and the John Kimmel Accordion Fantasy.

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Thanks AB, I somehow missed reading that one.

The ITMA thoughtfully transcribed both the Jerry O’Brien books I mentioned above: Viewing those relies on the currently rather outdated Scorch plugin so you might need to use software from 6 years ago to check ‘em out.

I wonder if Joe had any students in Boston in the later phase of his life? They say he has tons of fans in the Franco parts of the world. A box player from Beantown dropped in at a local session years ago, he’d bumped into Joe off and on but wasn’t a student; said Joe could play Irish music on the piano accordion like no one’s business too. In an interview Joe once talked about being on honeymoon in Longford - his wife was Irish - somehow got roped into playing a few tunes on the local completely battered PA, wound up going to town on the thing to show ‘em how it was done; it was so astonishing it was reported in the local paper.

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RiP Joe indeed.

Given his buttonbox playing I’ve always thought his PA/keyboard playing must surely have been quite something. I wonder if there are any recordings.

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My thoughts and prayers to his friends and family. I was honored to have met him, and share some conversations, at one of the old Boston Gaelic Roots gatherings a few years ago. Very supportive and humble man.