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Here also is a link that goes directly to the survey results for all airlines:

I was surprised that Aer Lingus got the worst rating (of only three possible different ratings); in my admittedly limited experience, they have been the easiest and most accommodating for my pipes, which I carry in a 31.5" (80 cm) long hard-shell viola case.

My worst experience so far has been with Spirit airlines on a domestic U.S. flight. They let me take them as carry-on, but the gate agent told me something completely different than the ticket counter, and charged me an extra $55 to do it. He wanted to charge me an extra $100 but I bargained him down by complaining that the ticket counter told me there would be no extra charge. Spirit was not rated by/included in the survey.

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"Suekulele Howell · Works at Self Employed Music Teacher and Musician
Last week Ryan Air charged us $60 each for our ukuleles. They said "no music" and put them in the hold. There was room enough for cellos in their empty was just policy"
Taken from the above ‘comments’

For sure, ‘just policy’ or ‘scr*w the musician’ would be more accurate. You can fly pretty much anywhere in Europe from London for forty or fifty pounds sterling return but buy a seat for the fiddle? Fifty pounds per trip - supposing it fits with their current cabin policy. Not just a ‘red’ rating - should be a ‘robber’ rating. But then again that’s nothing new with Ryan Air….

I did have a good experience with Lufthansa who offered the band instruments ‘special handling’ and FOC! which was super. But that was a good few years ago. I guess everything can change with time.

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I’ve only flown a few of times with an instrument - a mandolin. In each case there was no problem taking it as a carry-on, in addition to my camera bag. I just asked at check in if it was OK. Both airlines are red listed - Emirates and Aer Lingus. I anticipated a problem with the latter as it was a regional turboprop flight between Dublin and Glasgow and therefore less capacity, but no worries. I wonder what the size of the survey data base was?

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It looks like they generated these ratings based on the corporate policy of the various airlines, rather than individual experiences.

Delta has some problems….

Jake Yochem
August 31 at 7:07pm ·

Please help me share this if you can.

"Last week on my flight from Salt Lake City to Charlotte employees of Delta destroyed the top of my bass. It was in a flight proof fiber glass case which is virtually indestructible, yet they managed to mistreat it so much that it sustained three cracks over the sound post and bass bar which would collapse the whole top were I to put the bridge back on. The case was covered in fragile stickers. When I got it back at baggage claim it had not been latched back together. I have filed a claim with the airline but they show no interest in claiming responsibility. As a working musician, they have not only destroyed one of most valued possessions but have also left me without the instrument that helps me make a living.

Please share this if you can, and be wary of traveling with Delta Airlines if you care about your possessions."

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