Spotify playlists

Spotify playlists

Despite the fact that I work as a software developer, sometimes the advances in technology make me feel old. I more or less resisted Pandora, Apple Music, Spotify and all the other streaming services for a long time. I have quite a collection of Irish trad on CD (and now on my phone, of course).

But last year, I released an album ( ) and had to make the decision of whether I wanted it available on those services or not. Making money isn’t my primary concern with the album (although, breaking even would be nice!), so I decided to put it out there, and that got me interested in how those services work from a business perspective. So far, in 8 months, Spotify hasn’t payed me anything close to the equivalent of a single CD sale.

While I find that frustrating, I must admit that these services give us really amazing access to the world of music, including traditional music. And while Spotify is lacking a number of my favorite trad albums, it integrates pretty nicely with iTunes, allowing me to add my local copies of the favorites into my playlists. But it also gives me nice ways of discovering new music. It took it a while to realize that I was looking for the traditional end of the scale, and stop suggesting things like Dropkick Murphys and the Pogues to me, but now the "Discover Weekly" suggestions it gives me are about 70% interesting to me.

So instead of being sad that I’m not making my investment back as quickly as I’d like, I have decided to embrace the technology, because it’s making my life better. And since I’ve gone through the trouble of becoming verified as the artist of my album, I decided to put together a public playlist, which I named "Friends and Influences", with about 19 hours of music. Some of it is more "modern" and some of it is more "traditional", but I have personal connections to almost all of it. In many cases, I’ve had the pleasure of learning from, or playing with the artists in the playlist. But at the very least, it’s traditional music played the way that I like it, and I thought I would share it with you. This playlist is all instrumental (no songs… At some point I will put together a playlist of my favorite trad songs too).

So here it is:

To be completely transparent, there are 5 of my own tracks in the playlist, and the more people that "follow" this playlist, the more $.01 payments I will make. ๐Ÿ˜‰ For those of you that haven’t tried Spotify, you can do it for free as long as you don’t mind an occasional advertisement.

I would also love it if other people would share their public playlists here, because it’s a great way to discover new artists that we haven’t heard before!

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Some excellent stuff there Peter, including your own. Very much appreciated. It’s made my morning feel very worthwhile. It will now take me a while to move onto your playlist Kelton, but I will, This is a great idea of mine that you thought of Reverend!

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Thanks for the playlist links. Cool stuff on both of them!

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Just out of curiosity, KheltonHeadley, how did you run across Adam Agee and Jon Sousa? (Those guys are in my neck of the woods - and they’re both very enjoyable people and players)

ITM Spotify Playlists

John McSherry recently created 2 pretty great playlists and shared them publicly…

‘Irish Folk and Trad Music’

‘Uilleann Pipe Music’

They’ve been great listening for me over the last few weeks and I was just wondering if you folks had playlists of your own you’d care to share or more public lists you’d recommend following?

Link to your recording

the link to your recording doesn’t work for me

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I think Spotify works differently in different countries. It may not be available in some countries, but should be available in Germany. I believe that the "free" (ad supported) option may be limited in some countries.

I believe in all cases, you will need to register a spotify account and install the spotify app on either a computer or other device.

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Sorry reverend, I searched ‘Spotify’ and the most recent discussions were 2-3 years old. I guess a thread must be 24 hours old before it enters archived searches or something. I’ll delete this and move into your thread cheers.

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Can’t delete a conversation once started. My bad.

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Digging around other artists, besides John McSherry’s public playlists, the only one I found was one that Eileen Ivers has up, but it’s only got a handful of things on it at this point.

There are a few others that I found: That playlist is two days long, and has tons of followers. It generally contains whole albums, many of which I would not consider to be particularly traditional (or Irish), but I discovered some good stuff on there. A couple hours of piping. This one has 500 hours of pan-celtic music. Haven’t had time to dig into it too far… About 13 hours of (mostly) flute music, mostly in the form of full albums About 13 hours of (mostly) tenor banjo, also generally full albums

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Thanks to everyone who’s shared so far!

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Hi 1st post here
Very nice album!! I also found it in Google Play Music and iTunes; I was wondering which service pays you more if you don’t mind to share; I had the notion that Google pays the most to artists (that’s why I switched from Spotify), do you know if it is so? Some releases by Fraser Fifield’s and Hanz Araki’s haven’t been there for a while, I think it might be because of Spotify paying scheme.

Here goes a flute playlist:

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Thanks Harold!

There is some interesting pricing logic going on with the different streaming services. For instance, I think you might get paid differently for a spotify stream depending on whether the person is on the free, ad-supported service, or the membership service.

But here’s a sample breakdown of stream payments for me:

$0.0225389 - Amazon UK Premium Service
$0.0027636 - Deezer France
$0.0056283 - Google Music
$0.0137564 - Groove UK
$0.0102065 - Apple Music US
$0.0054902 - Apple Music Canada
$0.0103051 - Apple Music Europe
$0.0010019 - iTunes Match Americas
$0.0007246 - iTunes Match Canada
$0.0060797 - Spotify Belgium
$0.0015005 - Spotify Canada
$0.0028410 - Spotify Spain
$0.0037200 - Spotify France
$0.0083938 - Spotify Great Britain
$0.0042014 - Spotify Ireland
$0.0042378 - Spotify Netherlands
$0.0047019 - Spotify Norway
$0.0038183 - Spotify Sweden
$0.0040886 - Spotify U.S.
$0.0034540 - YouTube Music

So none of those numbers are exactly consistent, it seems, so there are other factors at play (ad-supported vs. account, and then maybe time of day, device, region, or whatever else…)

It looks like for streaming, in general, Apple Music pays the best.

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Also enjoying digging through your flute list, Harold. You had a few things that I had looked for, but didn’t find on Spotify, but there they are. Thanks!

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So, in doing the math, it looks like it takes approximately 3500 tune streams on Spotify to pay me the equivalent of selling a CD. And only about 1500 streams on Apple Music to equal a CD sale. Too bad Irish Traditional Music isn’t more popular! (But honestly, if there was a ton of money to be made in the music, it would change into something different, and be much more like the backstabbing, money-hungry, exploitative world of pop music, so I’m kind of glad that it is the way it is!) ๐Ÿ˜‰