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From the YouTube page for the video:

Box player Damien Mullane plays two reels.

The first reel is called "Clais An Adhmid" by Finbarr Dwyer

The second tune is by Billy McComiskey and it is called "Mac’s Reel"

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Ah yes, I always seem to forget to check the video description.


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but what is Mac’s reel, anyway if you listen, he says the second one is on Mccomisky’s CD, and it’s call Mick Flaherty’s on that CD http://tunearch.org/wiki/Mick_Flaherty%27s, he doesn’t play it in Edor but DDor on the clip, just couldn’t handle the F# rolls, I think there still a bit of work to do to pin this tune down, you see references to curragh races etc… I’m not convinced yet