Cross Fingering

Cross Fingering

Hello. I recently learned about the 0xx0xx fingering for Cnat on the tin whistle. I was wondering are there any other "weird fingerings" that I should learn, and keep in my "tool bag"?

Thanks! :)

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Cheers! :) I think I’ll make great use of that list!

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And there are lots of alternate fingerings that only change the pitch a little. You can keep your finger(s) on lower holes that would normally remain open, to either stabilize the whistle on notes that have lots of open holes, and just so there is less moving of fingers involved as you go from note to note. Play around with alternatives, and you will see what I mean.

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That vibrato on 2nd octave D by trilling LH1 is a cool technique. Don’t know how well it can be heard a few feet away, but I can hear it at least.

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For the low octave C natural on whistles it’s usually

oxx ooo

is used though as with your example you can leave down other fingers such as

oxx oox

oxx xox

I don’t think I’ve seen your oxx oxx before, but why not if it works?

On the whistle and flute

oxo xxx

works for the 2nd octave C natural, and many fluteplayers use it for the low octave too.

On the pipes it’s similar, with the low octave C natural usually being

oxx xoxx
oxx xoox
oxx ooxx

or some such. It depends on the individual chanter and/or the effect the player wants.

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What notes you can get depends a lot on the make & model of the whistle. After a lot of experimenting, I found that the Tony Dixon nickel model is the best for getting good, clear top notes and also a pretty good top G sharp: you just cross finger xxoxxo. That top G sharp is very useful when playing in A, which is often if you are in a Scottish session.