C#/D button accordion learning material (10 years later…)

C#/D button accordion learning material (10 years later…)

I know this was an old discussion, but in 11 years maybe there is something new out there 🙂
I’ve just taken up the C#/D accordion after 3 years playing the pipes and I was looking for learning material on the web. OAIM and stuff like that have only B/C courses, absolutely helpful, but I was looking for something more specific. Someone have told me about John William’s DVD, but does he really use a C#/D instrument? Do you know any other C#/D tutorial?
Thank you and feel free to give advice for a piper putting his hand for the very first time on a button accordion 🙂

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Re: C#/D button accordion learning material (10 years later…)

Stiamh is your guy. His video series on YouTube is extensive and informative. Start with his introductory videos here, then explore further!

Introduction to the C#/D diatonic accordion for Irish traditional music:
What’s a diatonic accordion; finger placement; holding the instrument; using bellows

Introduction (2)
Fingering; air button; sliding; Frere Jacques; D scale;

Introduction (3)
Other scales; “magic notes” (C#, F#, available on push and pull)

Introduction (4)
Common keys; intro to basses