Bluegrass-Irish Shootout!!

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It’s surprisingly difficult to find a Canadian rendering of St Anne’s Reel. Is playing this Canadian tune in Canada something tourists are warned not to do - like playing Marie’s Wedding in Lewis?

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It’s played all the time in Canada, everywhere - although perhaps not as often in Irish sessions as elsewhere - not sure on that one. Anyway, I’ve never heard any objection to it.

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Lovely playing there from Ian, I reckon.

Couple of observations : in the bluegrass version, the bass player needs to learn the B part. Or he’d had a few. It made me giggle :)

Does Ian have stampy (or very moist) fingertips, or is the fingerboard just old? That’s character. Doesn’t affect the music at all, of course.

He refers to a "bow bounce" at 06’36 and 06’59, when it’s anything but. It’s quite clear what he means if you watch the video, but you could come away with the idea that simple string crossing, on the strings, is "bouncing the bow", which it clearly is not.

Apart from that, excellent video.

Thanks Ergo :)