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I was invited to a session a couple of weeks ago in County Armagh where I encountered a few people I hadn’t seen in ages, plus a few new friends I hadn’t met before! One of them played and sang a Pecker Dunne song, "Sullivans John" which is a song I’ve been playing for years. I play it all in major chords, but Eoin was throwing in some minors. I went looking online for this version, but with limited success. Finally tracked down a version using minor chords on but to my ear at least, some of their chords just don’t sound right. Tried to print it out. The site wanted to have me print 14 pages. Tried to copy & paste into OpenOffice. Couldn’t. Tried "Contact" Composed a lengthy email - wouldn’t send. Had another look just before typing up this post and realised that the last News item is dated 2012. Looks like a dead website to me. How come it’s still online 6 years later?
Has anyone got a link to a set of chords for Sullivans John, or am I going to have to exercise my brain and work out what I’m hearing as incorrect chords?
For anyone who wants to say "Ask Eoin!" I certainly intend to, but he’s not available for a while!


I used lynx to download the web page as text and then copied this section:

[D]O’Sullivan’s [A]John to the [D]road you’ve [C]gone
Far a[D]way from your [G]native [D]home
You’ve gone with the [C]tinkers [Am]daughter
For a[D]long the [C]road to [D]roam
O’Sullivan’s [C]John you [Am]won’t stick it long
Till your [D]belly will [C]soon get [A]slack
Up a[D]long the [A]road with a [D]mighty [C]load
And your [D]tool box [G]on your [D]back

I met Katie Caffey and her neat baby
Behind on her back strapped on
She had an oul ash plant in her hand
To drive the oul donkey along
Enquiring in every farmhouse
As along the road she passed
Oh where would she get an old pot to mend
And where would she get an ass

There’s a hairy ass fair in the County Clare
In a place they call Spancil Hill
Where my brother James got a wrap of a hames
And poor Paddy they tried to kill
They loaded him up in an oul ass and cart
As along the road to go
Oh bad luck to the day that he roved away
For to join with the tinkers band


great version of this sung by Johnny Moynihan on the 1st Sweeneys Men recording if you can find it


I had a quick look at this website. What you say about the news items may be true, but if you look at the blog section, there are more recent entries including one this year. Not not dead exactly, but the creator could be dedicating less time to it now than when they launched. I think the link to the print version of O’sullivans John leads to to a different section of the same web page, and that page as a whole is probably not suitable for printing. I can’t immediately see why you couldn’t copy and paste.

If there was more material you wanted from this site, something that might be worth a try is to highlight the text as if you were going to copy it, then use the brower’s print function to print just that selection. Some browsers have this option, usually by selecting the right "radio button" on the print dialog box. Can’t hurt to see anyway.

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Thanks for the replies. Haven’t heard of lynx, I’ll investigate that.
I’ll look out for the Sweeny’s Men recording.
Couldn’t highlight the text I wanted to print. That didn’t work.