Tunepal having problems connecting to tunepal.org

Tunepal having problems connecting to tunepal.org


I’ve had Tunepal on my Android device for a little over a year now and it has performed reasonably well and I’ve had no problems with it not doing its job. After a period of not using it, I’ve tried a number of times over the past couple of weeks to identify tunes, played into the phone on a whistle, and received the same message commencing … "Sorry, Tunepal is having a problem connecting to tunepal.org at the moment".

Checking online suggests this was an issue some time back (maybe a couple of years ago) when the server was apparently underpowered for the number of requests it was getting. I assume this was fixed as I’ve never seen this message before … I installed Tunepal after this problem was reported and seemingly fixed.

Has anyone else experienced this recently and been able to determine the cause- or, better still, a fix?
Thought I’d ask here first just incase it was a known, ongoing problem before trying to find out how to raise this with Tunepal.

Many thanks

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Working fine for me this morning on the iOS version.

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Cheers Michael.

I’ve had a chance to play about a little and I visited the tunepal.org website - which came up with the green "tunepal" circle for recording a tune fragment for identification. It looks very similar to the Android app. When tapping to record, a sample tune is identified perfectly.
It looks like tunepal.org works ok - the problem seems to lie with the app talking to the website. I guess that confirms the message that comes up!

The above is pushing the limit of my "tech" skills as I know nothing about apps etc. I’m guessing something has been changed somewhere - not me, honest. I wouldn’t know where to go to change anything, Maybe an update that just hasn’t worked for me?

I’ve emailed tunepal for a resolution. If one comes, I’ll post the outcome here in case someone else experiences this in the future.

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Maybe try uninstalling it from your phone, then reinstalling?
Another thought, do you ever turn your phone off? Maybe a restart on your phone might work?

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Thanks for that, Alex - winning suggestion!
I wasn’t sure whether it was possible to uninstall and reinstall a paid-for app without incurring the cost again but your suggestion made me find out and it seems it’s fine to do so - so I did and the problem has sorted itself out.
I can now try and find out the name of that slip-jig that’s driving me crazy!

Thanks again.