Packie Dolan Metal Masters

Packie Dolan Metal Masters


I was wondering if anyone knew anything pertaining to the whereabouts of the master disks of Packie Dolan’s recordings. I know Harry Bradshaw got his hands on them when he released “The Forgotten Fiddler of the 1920s.” However, I have seen various releases of these recordings, and they all have the original master disks in common. Does anybody have an unprocessed digital copy of these master disks (beside the version mentioned above)? I would love to get my hands on them.


Re: Packie Dolan Metal Masters

I didn’t know that Harry had the originals, or had forgotten about it.
He sure didn’t process them into the ground or something, I’m very content with the sound on the CD.
I wish Harry would have kept at it with Viva Voce.

You should ask around at There are some quite knowledgeable people there.