ABC notation - ghost note

ABC notation - ghost note

Is there a way to write a note so it will show in the pdf in ( ) ?

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I found that it works OK if you put the complete "<(" ">)" in front of the note to be parenthesised.
Try pastingthe following in the Session editor:

ab "<(" ">)" c ef

It also works in the Easy ABC software I use.

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Re: ABC notation - ghost note - addendum

I hadn’t come across this bit of ABC coding before so I’ve been playing around with it to see how it works.
It seems that as a default, anything in quotes - "blah" - appears above the following note.
Insert _ in front, - "_blah" - and it appears below the following note.
< puts it front;
> puts it behind.

As far as I can make out, you can use any characters you like (except % which is used for ABC commands) and string as many as you wish before the note you want to affect.
As a demo, copy and paste the code below into the Session ABC editor. (it has to be pasted right at the top of the box, no blank line above the code)

ab "xxx" "<123" "_789" ">lmn" bcd ab "$" "<£" "_&" ">@" bcd

Re: ABC notation - ghost note

"A percent symbol (%) will cause the remainder of any input line to be ignored. It can be used to add a comment to the end of an abc line or as a comment line in its own right. (To get a percent symbol, type \%
…) "

also see ~

"mnemonics", "Special characters" and "Special symbols"

The above should work with current abcm2ps command lie, EasyAbc,, etc. but not using abc2js (javascript).

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