Sobell Mandolin for Sale!

Sobell Mandolin for Sale!

Sobell Mandolin for Sale ~ £3,000!

Here’s an opportunity for someone to own one of the finest Mandolins money can buy.

This beautiful Sobell Mandolin was made in 1995.
Stefan’s designs have of course changed over the years as he has refined his techniques and designs, so you may well be delighted to learn that this is a later Spruce top model, as many believe these are louder than the older Cedar topped design, so more suited to session playing, but still with that unmistakable Sobell tone.

Please follow this link to view some detailed photographs.
Please note that when you click on each photo you have an option to zoom in for a close look to any part of the photo.
Sobell Mandolin:

Here is just one of the videos I posted on my YouTube Mandolin Playlist.
The Jug of Punch / Eddie Kelly’s:

If you enjoyed that, please follow this link to view over 80 similar YouTube videos, of me playing this Mandolin.
Mandolin Tunes:

The top & back are handcarved & as you will see in the photo above, the maple back is absolutely stunning.
The Headplate overlay is Brazilian Rosewood.

Soundboard: European Spruce.
Back and sides: Birdseye Maple
Body width: 11.4”
Length: 27.2”
Strings; 8
Fingerboard Ebony
Bridge Ebony with Bone Saddle
Neck: Brazilian Mahogany.
Tuners: Gotoh Gold Minis
Binding: Indian Rosewood.
Trim: Herringbone
Tailpiece: Brass

Apart from three tiny dings on the soundboard, just to the left of the bridge, & slight wear on the edges of the tuners, this instrument is in almost mint condition.
It comes with its original Sobell Mandolin Case.
N.B. I replaced the handle to the case last year with a best quality replacement.

I have respect for my instruments, so as well as taking great care of this fine instrument, I have always been careful to keep my finger nails short. So the fingerboard on this Mandolin shows virtually no sign of wear.
I learned this good practice early on in my musical journey, after seeing so many badly worn Banjo & Mandolin fingerboards & Concertina end plates, with dreadful gouges simply from folks being too lazy to keep their finger nails short.

Stefan Sobell instruments are of course highly regarded & for what it’s worth I read here, around 5 years ago, that he had announced that he was stopping adding to his waiting list for mandolin family of instruments as it was already 3 years long. On his website today, he writes: I am concentrating on building guitars so am currently unable to take Mandolin Family orders.

I live on the north coast of Ireland & would prefer to sell this instrument in person to someone in Ireland, so I am prepared to meet a buyer half way, if they really are seriously interested in buying this Mandolin.

Payment can be made via wire transfer, PayPal or Bank Check. Personal checks are accepted for purchases within the UK, but require a period of up to 7 days to clear my bank. If I meet the buyer in person I would of course prefer cash. If you choose to use PayPal, I only use the goods / services option as this provides fraud protection. Please note that the buyer is responsible for the 3% fee.

I am prepared to ship worldwide. The buyer is responsible for paying for the instrument, shipping and insurance, plus any PayPal fees. If this is sent internationally, the buyer is responsible for all duties, taxes, VAT, brokerage and storage fees on their end.

Re: Sobell Mandolin for Sale!

Looks lovely and sounds great. Good luck Dick….

Re: Sobell Mandolin for Sale!

Thanks for adding your Youtube link to the 80+ mandolin tunes, Dick. I also have a spruce/maple Sobell mandolin (2002) and love their unique sound. They are truly wonderful instruments. Perhaps your videos will encourage me to play it more often and learn some more tunes!