“Grippy” rosin for bows

“Grippy” rosin for bows

I was looking for a “grippy” rosin for more punch and crunch in my fiddling, so I tried the Pirastro cello rosin (on my violin bow).

It seems to work pretty well, and far less expensive (£9) than many of the other violin rosin brands.

I think I use less of it per session, and don’t need to rosin so frequently.

Something to consider, perhaps, if you’re not happy with your current brand.

Re: “Grippy” rosin for bows

Hello Jim,

I also was on the search for a better (grip and tone) rosin a few years back, and a friend recommend magic rosin to me. I’ve been using it ever since for years. The sound is incredible. You can play as smooth or as crunchy as you want with it.
I can go weeks without needing to rosin my bow. It’s pretty potent stuff. Here’s the link to the rosin if you’re interested: