Craic in Ennis

Craic in Ennis

I’m planning being in Ennis this Friday and Saturday.

Any ideas what to do please? Sessions, gigs etc?



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Hi Dagger, and welcome!

Be sure to add your trip to Ennis here:

Then you’ll get to see any nearby sessions, events, etc. that are on while you’re there.

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Ennis is absolutely full of pub sessions of a ludicrously high standard, and the centre of town where the bulk of the pubs are is small and easily walkable - If you don’t get any definitive venues / times suggested by people here, your best bet is probably to show up in any of the pubs and ask where and when sessions are happening.

Last time I was there I found sessions in Nora Culligan’s, Knox’s and The Diamond, and I heard mention of Cruise’s, Brogan’s and Ciaran’s, so I’m sure you’ll find something!

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Tunes most nights in Poet’s Corner (Old Ground Hotel) and Fawl’s across the street Fri. & Sat.

Saturday Moroney’s in the Market Place, Kelly’s on Carmody Street, odd Fridays in Griffin’s, Parnell Street, probably music in Faffa Considine’s, same street.

No shortage.

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Certainly no shortage! Lots of great sessions.
Got off to a grand start at 4.30 (!!!) on Friday afternoon with Blackie O’Donnell and Cyril O’Donaghue with a session which had 6 (maybe 7 actually) Uilleann pipers.And it went on from there.

Had a great time. Would certainly recommend Ennis.