Tunes in Charlottesville, VA

Tunes in Charlottesville, VA


We are headed down to Charlottesville on a vacation the first week of October (2018) and, as always, we are bringing along our instruments hoping to find a welcoming session to share some tunes.

Naturally, we have reviewed the Charlottesville area sessions listed on this site. If any of you could confirm the current existence or non-existence of the sessions listed, or recommend a session where we might be welcomed, we would be very grateful.

All the best,
Mike & Sarah

Re: Tunes in Charlottesville, VA

Hey guys, I’m up in Wisconsin now but lived near Charlottesville for a few years. Reach out to the Blueridge Irish Music School Lori has always been super helpful and they can tell you what’s cooking tunes-wise in the area. They also have a Facebook page and usually post session stuff there. You can also check on the Traditional Irish Session Roanoke page; Brandon’s good about keeping up with what’s up in the area or he can tell you who to check in with.
Enjoy your visit and I hope you find some great tunes.