Where can I find videos or audios of Aidan Cossey?

Where can I find videos or audios of Aidan Cossey?

Many years ago I stumbled on a website with a whole bunch of audio files from his mandolin playing which I downloaded and still have. But I can’t seem to find it now. If possible, I would also like to see some youtube. If not him, maybe of some other good mandolin players that I can learn something from? I’m sorry I don’t know more names of Irish mandolinists.

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Sorry, Crossy. I spelled his name wrong!

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Try again: Crossey 😉

He used to have a page with MP3s of many mandolin players, including several of his own recordings, but that seems to have been taken down now. There are five albums by him listed here https://thesession.org/recordings/search?q=crossey but I imagine they are hard to come by as I don’t think he ever pressed them in large numbers. You could try contacting hime through his member profile https://thesession.org/members/4075 but he doesn’t seem to have been active here for many years. He seems to have disappeared from Mandolin Cafe as well. There is, however, one track of him posted there:

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ARgh. My spelling is terrible. So if he has disappeared, are there other good mandolin players I could see on video to learn some tunes and get a little inspiration? Especially if you can actually see what they are doing?

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@AB: Well done for finding that. I had to do a lot of random clicking to find the page, though. This should make things a bit easier: https://web.archive.org/web/20150111025028/http://music.paythereckoning.com:80/mandolin.html . Unfortunately, most of the links to recordings seem to be dead - just a couple of Aidan’s own tracks are still available.

Over at mandolincafe.org, there is a collection of mandolin MP3s available in various styles (click on the ‘Celtic’ tab for Irish/Scottish music). There are also various video clips posted in discussions - Kevin McLeod (mostly Scottish tunes) and Jill McAuley have posted many clips of their own playing over the years.

Other than that, searching YouTube for particular players (search on the name + the word ‘mandolin) yields lots of results. There is stuff from:
Marla Fibish
Luke Plumb
Mick Moloney
Declan Corey (Josephine Marsh Band)
Dagger Gordon
Dan Beimborn
Dick Glasgow

…to name but a few.

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Thank you so much. Marla Fibish. I have heard of her. I just could not remember anybody’s name.

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That’s interesting, Creadur. Yesterday it seemed like I could click on many of the links and get an mp3.
Either I was tripping, or was lucky enough to hit the living links everytime I tried, or ~ who knows.
Now I wish I had captured the recordings. You’re right though. Most of the links in the Wayback Archive
are now kaput. I filtered the pay_the_reckoning archive for mp3s & it shows a paltry 7 recordings.
Where’d the rest of them go?

Marla’s grand. ;)

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I hope Aidan doesn’t mind me adding a few words to this discussion. I’ve known him on and off for a few years and I know that he tailed off his involvement in the music a long time ago.

In fact he practically disappeared off the map in every way for a while. But by chance I bumped into him in the summer back in Ireland where he comes from and we had a bit of a chat. He’s had a few things to deal with over the course of the past few years - as we all do. Life and such. And they kept him away from the music. But he was telling me that he’s thinking of getting back into the tunes again.

I can’t speak for the website stuff. I’m sure that’s a lot of work! And I doubt that he’d see himself as a teacher so I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for any videos. But I hope that he finds his way back to the music again. Or that the music finds its way back to him. I always enjoyed a tune with him on his visits home…

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I found all the Aidan Crossey tunes I had downloaded from his site years ago on a network drive I have. I’m not sure the legality of sharing them.

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An update on this.

I bumped into Aidan Crossey the other day and he told me he’d been mulling over this discussion for some months and he’s launched a new website called The Irish Mandolin http://www.theirishmandolin.com

I’ve visited the website. Slightly strange concept - he just plays tunes once through. Apparently the site is designed as a learning aid (so much for my comment that he wouldn’t see himself as a teacher!) and he feels that this once through format helps with that. And it’s in its infancy. I think there are about 40 tunes there at the minute but he tells me he’s got about 400-500 on the list and that it’ll take months, years to record them.

There you go … thanks sbhikes for indirectly sparking off his thinking.

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Morning, all - and compliments of the season.

I’ve been a little reticent online recently. I’ve learned to treat the web with a lot more caution than when I first stumbled across it many years ago. Hence somewhat reluctant to resurrect this thread. However, having recently reactivated my session.org profile, I feel I owe it to the original poster and those who’ve commented since to add a few words to the comment above.

"The Irish Mandolin" is well and truly up and running now and, as manyoudontmeeteveryday says, you can find it at http://www.theirishmandolin.com . It’s intended as a learning/encouragement aid to those starting out on the mandolin. As well as in a separate section, showcasing some fantastic mandolinists who play in the Irish - or in some cases - Scottish musical traditions. In "The Tunes!" section I’ve already posted well over 100 tunes. Each entry comprises a link to further info about the tune here at thesession.org, the tune set out in mandolin tab and a clip of yours truly playing the tune once-through. I’m hoping it’ll be a useful "woodshedding" resource.

I’ve got a few plans for a further Irish trad-related web venture. Just mulling over how best to approach this and indeed to decide whether I have the time and energy to make it happen. But watch this space.

All the very best.

Aidan Crossey