Id song by lyrics

Id song by lyrics

Hi folks,

a friend who is a singer bought two cds in England a while ago, one with English and one with Irish music. I assume both are discs with folk music. She transcribed the lyrics of a song on one of the cds and learned to sing it, but lost the discs and can’t remember the name of the song. (Note that she’s not a native English speaker and the transcript of the lyrics may not be accurate.)

Does anybody know the name of this song (and possibly the tune)?

Over the hillside I saw what was waiting
waiting for nothing, just there to be seen
like someone had paint it, this scene I’ve been dreaming
and made it right down for making it real

It’s going nowhere, I’m driving back
on a road I have never been ever before
I’m just a stranger in a strange land
where the people are smiling
I am just passing to write down these words as I do

Highways and byways and lakes all around me
beautiful people that pass on my way
Thank you for talking, but now you know I can’t stay (???)
Tomorrow’s another new day

There is a river that flows down the mountain,
down through the hills to the valley below
All that I wanted was to take it all with me
so I can see it wherever I go

It’s going nowhere …

Highways and byways …

Re: Id song by lyrics

Hiya happycat! Welcome to! It’s unfortunate that your first post is stumping the folks in the forum here! Normally this gang is pretty good at crowd sourcing answers to questions about tunes and songs. In this case, I don’t recognize the song, but I like it! And subsequent google-fu searches didn’t lead me anywhere but back to this thread, so I am fully stumped too!

But I didn’t want you to feel like you were being ignored :-)

Re: Id song by lyrics

When she’s back from the current holidays, I’ll aks her for more details about the song and the cds. Meanwhile I’ll try mudcat, if I can figure out how to post there. Thanks for the suggestions.