Paddy O’Brien tune: clan march?

Paddy O’Brien tune: clan march?

Hi all,

I don’t think I’m usually this dense with tune IDs, but there were so many good tunes flowing this afternoon that no musical fragment of this tune is coming to me. Nathan Gourley and Laura Feddersen were performing a fantastic set and they mentioned and played a tune Nathan got from Paddy O’Brien. Nathan said it turned up somewhere as a Scottish clan march. They played it at about slow-reel tempo. For the most part the tune is in D major with some small modulations to G and Em. The tune also has an odd structure a little like a set dance. I think it has 3 or 4 parts, not all of which are repeated. I’m not even entirely sure if they stated the name or not. Does anyone have even the slightest inkling of what I’m on about? If not, forget it.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Paddy O’Brien tune: clan march?

Could it possibly be "O’Reilly from Athcairne" ? That’s a set dance that you’ll find on Paddy O’Brien’s "Snug in a Blanket" CD.