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Well since the first one seems to be The Glass of Beer, the second reel is… John Stenson’s, as the video title says :D

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First one is not "The Glass Of Beer" - it is one of the "John Stenson’s" reels, as is the second. Both were recorded by Kevin Burke on his LP / CD "If The Cap Fits" as "John Stenson’s" reels.

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Thanks for all replies,

Nice one Kenny, much appreciated, cheers, Stensons #2 then?

For some strange reason I had a completely wrong name for the second one.

Grapefruit’s comment is understandable as Stenson’s #1 is superficially similair to the Glass Of Beer (and The Otter’s Holt,) though it is of course a tune in it’s own right which I believe Jacky Daly got from the Stenson family who he lived nearby to.