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How funny, we were only discussing this the other day ( yes really) apparently they do it so the worms think it’s raining…crafty birds eh!

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Is eating ‘on the hoof’ within the rules of setdancing etiquette?

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Ha-ha Postie: I was so taken with that story of the Aberdeen gull that I wrote a song about it!
I did send it to Walker’s crisps who make Doritos, but never got a reply.
Simple tune with a calypso beat.

THE FEATHERED FELON © Trish Santer 24.07.07.

There’s a lonely seagull in Aiberdeen toon,
He struts in the square baith up and doon
But there’s ony ain thocht in his mind aroon
Tae steal some tangy cheese Doritos,
Doritos, Doritos, tae steal some tangy cheese Doritos (rep)

So he walks in the shop jist as bold as brass
And he thinks tae himsel’, “This’ll be a gas,
I’ll be oot o’ here afore they kick my ass
Wi’ ma tangy cheese Doritos".
Doritos, Doritos, wi’ ma tangy cheese Doritos. (rep)

And up he walks tae the bricht display
O’ crisps o’ a’ sorts in the metal tray
And he grabs a bag and he’s on his way
Wi’ his tangy cheese Doritos,
Doritos, Doritos, wi’ his tangy cheese Doritos. (rep)

And he comes in the shop every day at three,
He’s never been bothered by CCTV,
So long as he can get awa’ for free
Wi’ his tangy cheese Doritos,
Doritos, Doritos, wi’ his tangy cheese Doritos. (rep)

No, there’s no other flavour would ever do,
Not chilli heatwave nor BBQ,
‘Cos he loves that bricht orange bag, it’s true,
Just has tae be tangy cheese Doritos,
Doritos, Doritos, just has tae be tangy cheese Doritos. (rep)

And oot in the square he drops the bag on the deck,
And he slices it open wi’ one quick peck,
And he downs them all just as fast as heck,
A’ they tangy cheese Doritos,
Doritos, Doritos, a’ they tangy cheese Doritos. (rep)

And that cheeky seagull’s never known tae pay,
So they ca’ed the Polis and the SSPCA,
When they tried tae arrest him, …………he jist flew away,
Fu’ o’ Tangy cheese Doritos,
Doritos, Doritos, fu’ o’ tangy cheese Doritos. (rep)

(As shown on BBC Scotland TV News 20.07.07.)

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That’s great, Trish! Any chance of a link to the programme/the song ?
‘Faoileán’ s is the Irish for seagull, so your client is becoming The Felonious Faoileán in my macaronic musings right now…

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The video footage of the BBC Scotland news programme, was posted by Postie further up the thread: it gave me the inspiration and some of the lines for the song! Afraid I’ve never recorded it or videoed it, but maybe I will!

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Damn it, they can dance better than me! Must try harder.