Help identify this tune …

Help identify this tune …

I have it under the title Joe Kearns’s Hornpipe and it doesn’t appear on this site under that name, isn’t recognised by TunePal and Google doesn’t come up with anything.

Anybody recognise it??

T: Joe Kearns’s Hornpipe
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
C>B,| A,>DF>D G>EF>D | (3A,A,A, (3DFA d>cd>e | f>ed>B A2 F2 | G>FE>D C2 B,2 |
A,>DF>D G>EF>D | (3A,A,A, (3DFA d>cd>e | f>dd>d A2 FA | GE CE D2 :|
|:d>e | f2 (3ddd e>dB>c | d2 (3BBB B>AF>A | B2 (3FFF A>Fd>c | B>AG>F E>FD>B, |
A,>DF>D G>EF>D | (3A,A,A, (3DFA d>cd>e | f>dd>d A2 F>A | G>EC>E D2 :|

Re: Help identify this tune …

That’s it! Thanks for that Rick, much appreciated.