Clarke ‘Celtic’ whistle.

Clarke ‘Celtic’ whistle.

I haven’t bought a Clarke in what… 15 years? I have a basket full of whistles, but thought I’d buy this one for a lark at $10, new. After all, it had a nice little knot painted on top, and I tend to enjoy green things. Probably should have just kept the ten bucks. Quite honestly, I’ve never had a whistle this bad. My charm of Oaks, Feadogs, Generations, never had such issues, at least not collected all in the same place.

My complaints for such a tiny investment are probably as numerous and annoying as the whistle itself, so I’ve summed them up for you here.

1. Annoying ridge on bottom of barrel;
2. Breathy tone in lower octave, practically as much air as tone;
3. Close to a semitone out of tune, right out of the box;
4. Lack of volume, see number 2, above.

I’m idling away my lunch hour reading ‘whistle improvement’ guides on the web. I can live with the ridge, I suppose. And I can tune it with some hot water, maybe. But the breathy bit and the volume problem…. is there any way to get a clear blast from the fipple in that lower register?

Your experiences and suggestions with this little guy are much appreciated.

Re: Clarke ‘Celtic’ whistle.

You need to flatten the sheet metal above the wooden block and make the airway more narrow at the same time.

Re: Clarke ‘Celtic’ whistle.

I’ve done that with my Clarke traditional whistles… the black and gold ones. But this has a molded plastic fipple.

I’m planning to cram a wad of sticky tack down the end of it tonight.

Starting to remember why I resigned these things to a basket! 😀

Re: Clarke ‘Celtic’ whistle.

OK, sorry, I only have the black and gold ones myself. When you described them with the rolled tin tube with the seam on the bottom, I assumed (incorrectly) that they were the same as the old originals.

Good luck with your tweaking in any event.

Re: Clarke ‘Celtic’ whistle.

It is a little odd, as if they combined the rolled tin of the original with a modern plastic fipple. I quite like the originals, actually, they sound nice and big.

I padded the back of the fipple last night, and also tried to tried to tune it up a few cents. It wasn’t very helpful so i think I’m writing this one off as a loss, and sending it to my daughter. 😀