New GoogleGroup for Asheville’s new SCOTTISH Session!

New GoogleGroup for Asheville’s new SCOTTISH Session!

Hello, Irish session players!

Some of you may be interested in the first and only SCOTTISH session recently organized in Asheville, since Irish and Scottish share many of the same tunes, rhythms, and session traditions, yet have distinct (beautiful, interesting) differences. We enjoy a number of old-time jams and Irish sessions in this area, but there hasn’t been a single Scottish session. Now there is!

To join the Scottish Session’s new GOOGLE GROUP, send an email to:

DESCRIPTION: Asheville’s first traditional Scottish session: instrumental music of Scotland played on its traditional instruments, restricted to: fiddle, flute, tin whistle, bouzouki, octave mandolin, smallpipes, concertina, Celtic harp, cello. Often coached by local teachers, including world-renowned Scottish fiddler, composer, teacher, and performer Jamie Laval! (

LEVEL: Intermediate+. Tunes are taught “by ear”; recording devices highly recommended; music stands strongly discouraged; sheet music distributed by email.

DATES AND TIME: Group gathers beginning at 12:30 pm on 1st, 3rd, and 5th Saturdays to play 1:00-3:30 pm including a half-hour social (snacks) at 2:00.

LOCATION: St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Mercer Hall, 337 North Charlotte Street, Asheville, NC 28801

From Interstate 40 or Interstate 26: Take I-240, exit 5B, Charlotte Street, turn north. St. Mary’s is .8 mile on the right at the corner of Macon Avenue and Charlotte Street. Park behind the church or on either street.
From the back parking lot, take set of steps on the left down to the bottom floor. Walk through a hall and another set of steps into Mercer Hall.


February 16 (and two previous sessions)—Laurie Fisher:

March 2—Nora Garver:

March 16—Nora Garver

March 30—Jamie Laval:

April 6—Jamie Laval



Atholl Highlanders (A), jig

Orange and Blue (D), strathspey

Hector the Hero (D, A), air

Scotland the Brave (A), march

Miss McLeod’s (A), reel

Auld Lang Syne (D), song

MORE INFO: Janet Parkerson,, 828.298.1090

Re: New GoogleGroup for Asheville’s new SCOTTISH Session!


Re: New GoogleGroup for Asheville’s new SCOTTISH Session!

I emailed the group asking to receive announcements but it was returned, ie incorrect address or closed group. Any others find same problem?

Re: New GoogleGroup for Asheville’s new SCOTTISH Session!

Being a lover and player of Scottish music my eyes lit up when I saw ‘Scottish Session’. Where is Asheville? could I get there for a session, even with a bit of travelling? Then I read the rest of the post, and realised it is on the wrong side of the Atlantic. The real Scotland would be nearer to my home in England! Never mind, maybe one day I will find some like-minded fiddlers around here. I hope the sessions go well for you all.

Re: New GoogleGroup for Asheville’s new SCOTTISH Session!

Hello, everyone! My name is Janet Parkerson. I just organized the new Asheville Scottish Session and set up an Asheville-Scottish-Session-GoogleGroup, but neglected to permit web users to access the new group!! (oops) If you play a traditional Scottish instrument (see description below), please feel welcome to join us! Our next session (only our third) will be this Saturday, Feb. 16, 1:00-3:30.

As moderator, I will respond to your email. OR: it’s fine to email me directly at: One way or another, if you play a traditional Scottish instrument (see restrictions described above), we’ll get you into the group!