Opportunity for composers

Opportunity for composers

Some of you who have been on this site for a while might recall that some years back, I offered space on my webABC tune site to composers of tradition-related material.

I received forty submissions, which can be viewed (and heard) here:
(The table file links to "plus" files, which contain the standard notation, ABC, and a link to an MP3 sound file via the tune title at the top of each page).

The tunes I received are all excellent. Some are a little weird, others required a little reworking, but they’re all fun, and I am grateful to the composers for the chance to present their works.

My offer is repeated with the following conditions:
- your submissions must be your own, and this must be clearly stated in any submission correspondence
- ABC format is preferred but I’ll accept "the dots"
- email contact info should appear on each tune
- I reserve the right to edit the ABCs or suggest changes, but ultimate approval of same is with the composer
- OK to include background information - if you look through the material already on the site, you’ll get an idea of what this might look like
- you understand that I am assuming no responsibility as to disposition or use of your tunes by third parties

You can submit up to four tunes at a time. If you have more that you’d like to see on the website, or if you have any questions on this matter, contact me.

Bill Black

Added note: in upgrading computers over the years I mislaid the emails of the folks who made the original submissions. If any of you are still out there, please contact me.

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Re: Opportunity for composers

Here’s mine. I never put it on this site’s tune database due to original tunes being looked down upon (as best I can tell).

T: Stevie’s Drooping Hose
R: Reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: A Major

|| ecBd cA~A2 | ceec Bcdf |
| ecBd cA~A2 | ceec Bffa |
| ecBd cA~A2 | ceec Bcdf |
| ~e3a ~f3a | ecBd cA ~A2 ||
|| aecf ecBd | caac Bcdf |
| eaae fecf | ecBd cA ~A2 |
| aecf ecBd | caac Bcdf |
| ~e3a ~f3a | ecBd cA ~A2 ||

I wrote the tune in "the dots" and I don’t really read ABC so I just have to hope that this ABC conversion is correct.

Re: Opportunity for composers

(I sent it to your email so you have my email.)

Re: Opportunity for composers

Ha! I was all "That sounds like a great idea, wonder why I didn’t do it last time?" Then I looked at the list, and there were the tunes I submitted last time.

Reckon I can submit a couple more this time around…