Coming to America…

Coming to America…

Dear Irish music lovers, ie - all y’all!

I am running the online division of Golden Discs Ltd (, Ireland oldest and largest record chain. I am currently researching the pitfalls of exporting to North America online, and was wondering does anyone have any experiential advice they could furnish me with regarding such?

Go raibh maith agaibh,
dp Fitzgerald.

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I don’t necessarily want to dent your enthusiasm, but isn’t a bit rich to be coming onto to this website, which is undoubtedly a fantastic resource for those musicians and singers, who are devoted to Traditional Irish Music, when your outlet considers and lists:

The Cranberries,
Niall Horan,
Imelda May,
Joe Dolan,
The Saw Doctors,
The Commitments,
U2, (a great Dutch rock band)
Nathan Carter,
Philomena Begley, etc., all fine artists and groups in their own respective genres, (I’m sure),

in the category of "Irish Music".

If you’re looking for a good Traditional Irish Music CD or DVD, go somewhere else, because you certainly won’t find it in a Golden Discs outlet, even online.


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I’m in the US. What are you looking for?
If you’re looking for great American traditional music to listen to, I would suggest:
Cherish the Ladies
Celtic Sands (who still perform in my state)
Craig Duncan (from Nashville)

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Looking through your “Irish music” catalog, I see a lot of CDs easily available in the US. The small selection of traditional music is also easily available.

You’ll need to compete with the juggernaut that is Amazon as well as download services like iTunes and Amazon (again). Figure in the cost of advertising to convince potential US customers that you can beat the Large South American River in price (including shipping), selection, and delivery time — at least 2 out of 3. Or become an Amazon seller.

Note: “y’all” and “all y’all” are regional usages of the American south (where I live), not of the country in general. (There are places where “youse”, “youse guys”, and “all youse” are used instead.) Too bad it’s considered non-standard, since modern (standard) English lacks a distinct second person plural.

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Wait- Amazon is a river, too?

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About the English language generating replacements for the lost plural of "you" it’s not just America but most other English-speaking countries too.

But sticking to the USA "all y’all" is AFAIK only/mainly used in places where "y’all" has become the singular for "you".

Where "you" is the singular the plurals include

"you guys" (addressed to males and females alike)
"all you guys" (often heard here in California)
"youse guys"
"all youse"
"yinz" (used in Picksburg)
"you all" (used where I’m from in West Virginia, two separate words)

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Ah go easy on DP, they’re only trying to flog a few CDs to the American market 🙂

‘Irish Music’ is a broad church and would include all the artists above. Irish trad music is a much smaller niche market, even in Ireland.

I haven’t been in a Golden Discs outlet in years but last time I looked, they had the usual collection of Trad standards like the Chieftains or Fifty Rebel Ballads etc. I wouldn’t be going there to look for anything interesting or unusual.

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You should come to the Catskills Irish Arts Week in East Durham, New York July 14 to 20, 2019. It is a week long festival of trad music. Many of the best in trad music will be there preforming and/or teaching. Check it out:
Hugh O’Rourke

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If you plan to sell shipped media like CDs and DVDs, you will have a hard time competing on a cost or speed basis from across the pond.

Someone mentioned seeing artists in your store who are already represented in the US. It probably goes without saying to be careful about stepping on artist’s other distribution agreements.

I think you should be looking for a trustworthy US-based distribution partner. If you need help with that I can recommend someone.