Carroll Concertina for Sale C#/G#

Carroll Concertina for Sale C#/G#


I have decided to downsize a bit and am offering this fantastic quick playing and rich sounding superb instrument. It is #131 that was made for me and delivered after a 3 year wait in 2013.

It is a 30 button Anglo concertina in the keys of C#/G# with amboyna ends and plain black 6 fold bellows.

The current Carroll Concertina website description:

Our Small instrument is 5 5/8" across the flats of the endplates and is available in either the Wheatstone or Art Deco endplate patterns. The base price on our 30 button (plus air) Small instrument is US $6250.00. Our small instrument plays a little faster than our standard model but also requires a little more bellows movement to achieve the same air pressure required to drive the reeds. This does not mean that it is harder to play - it is actually easier to get the notes to sound, but it does run out of air quicker than our standard model. It is ideal for single note, fast Irish music but is not the best choice if you need the instrument for significant accompaniment work. If you primarily play fast Irish music with the occasional chord here and there, and you don’t have large hands, you will probably prefer this instrument over our Standard model.

I am asking $6,500.00 plus shipping

This includes a very sturdy standard style case (home made)



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