Magic in Tullamore….

Magic in Tullamore….

Tullamore hosted Sylvain Barou (flute / pipes) and Ronan Pellen (cittern) in concert with guest Floriane Blancke on harp.

I doubt that there was a gig anywhere in Ireland (or the world) to top this one last Friday at the local Rugby Club. I hadn’t heard any of these perform live before and they really were best-of-the-best. Really appreciate whomever invited and organised and to Sylvain, Ronan and Floriane for being there.

I am continuously amazed (and ashamed) at my late conversion to ITM when I see the passion and dedication exhibited for our traditional music by such world class musicians.

If you have an opportunity to hear them playing live; as they say - run, don’t walk! You will be rewarded with a special experience.

Re: Magic in Tullamore….

Sylain is a marvelous flute player. I’m glad you got to see him perform, he is indeed special.