EasyABC problem with volume

EasyABC problem with volume

I have been using EasyABC and Audacity for years. Recently the EasyABC output volume to MIDI seems to have fallen. When I import a file into Audacity I see that volume is so low that I can amplify it 20dB or so. I may have changed some setting in the EasyABC header inadvertently. Does anyone know where to set the overall output level in EasyABC or input level in Audacity. I am using EasyABC ver. and just updated to Audacity 2.3.2, which doesn’t affect the problem.

Here’s the sound part of my header file:
%%MIDI program 41 %%Number list at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_MIDI
%%MIDI chordprog 22 %24
%%MIDI bassprog 42 %% 45
%%MIDI beat 87 77 67 4
%%MIDI chordvol 40 %%88
%%MIDI bassvol 15 %% 82

Thanks for any help!

Re: EasyABC problem with volume

Do you get the same volume problem if you play an exported MIDI file in a stand-alone MIDI player such as Timidity? In EasyABC is "Play chords" ticked in Settings -> ABC settings?