Eugene O’Donnell RIP

Eugene O’Donnell RIP

Word has reached me that the great fiddler Eugene O’Donnell passed away this morning.

We were just talking about him last night at band practice, talking about slow airs, and playing The Lark in the Clear Air. At a long ago session, he asked me if I knew the air. When I said “no” he said “well, you should” and taught it to me right there.


Re: Eugene O’Donnell RIP

Roz, Billy, Eugene and I once spent an afternoon in a metal trailer at the Irish festival in Cleveland, O., many years ago.
We drank beer (Billy drank near-beer) and waited to die as the thunderstorm and lightning raged around us. The storm finally stopped and Eugene took the stage.
"Here’s a tune for my new friend," he said: "The Morning Jew."
Rest in peace, Eugene.

Re: RIP Eugene O’Donnell

I just saw that the sad event has already been noted here - I was away at a funeral ….