Bb Hawkes Excelsior flute on ebay

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Junk - stay away from it!

I’m kidding. I wish I could get my hands on it and I would bid but I just payed for a new Eb and my funds are a bit low. If I was serious about bidding I wouldn’t tell a soul.

I don’t have a lot of experience with these old flutes but I would almost expect they would be difficult to play and keep in tune. Mat Molloy makes them sound amazing but…yea. If you do end up with it and feel generous I’d appreciate a pm with your impressions. My next flute will be a Jilles Lehart Bb. They are reportedly difficult to play as well with really large tone holes but Michael McGoldrick tone is otherworldly on them. Everyone speaks very highly of them and I’d rather have a modern made flute all things considered.

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My non-session instrument is an old German (?) Rudall/Rose style flute I picked up for less than a hundred euros, and it still plays like a dream. The only real drawback of old flutes, as long as they have been well taken care of, is the pitch. Mine sits closer to 432 than to 440 Hz which means its unusable alongside modern instruments.

Edit: duh, I missed the Bb part. Now I see what you mean.

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But you do have a point. It’s a bit of prejudice. I’ve never played them. I’ve played a fair amount of older instruments (other instruments) and often they are are not restored properly. I hope I get a chance to play a bunch someday - preferable all together on the same day.

Also when I wrote the last posting I had not looked at the picture and see the 3rd LH/RH hold has a key. That would be wonderful.


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Hi, unless I’m much mistaken I sold this a few weeks ago on eBay for £200, it is not in modern pitch, so sharp of concert it is almost playable in B rather than Bb actually above the standard band flute pitch, as such though interesting it is hardly worth what the seller is now asking.