EBay Violin (Suspicious)??

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Pretty fishy. I’d say, if you’re gonna buy it, go for the one thousand buck price, not the nine thousand buck price. (I know, tough choice!)

I’d email ebay’s administration. If I had to guess at an explanation, I’d say the higher priced depot seems suspicious. Maybe they hope to get it at a thousand and jack up the price.

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You would need something safer than a barge pole…

I started to respond to this ages ago and lost it when I was checking out the information. "You don’ wanna do that!" Sadly, the UK eBay, at least in my experience and those I know who’ve used it, is dodgier than the US site. The Internet and email is a growing mine for scam artists - or to be more correct, crooks. I hope you weren’t considering it for anything like this. When it comes to a used musical instrument, like these wooden cases, guitars, fiddles, whatever, you want it in hand. I’ve seen a few violins that look just lovely cosmetically and are so riddled with rot or worm holes that if you sneezed they’d collapse.
Please, please, please tell me you’re not considering this way of acquiring a new singing companion… You’d do better, with an informed friend or teacher, attending a real auction, where you can touch and inspect and play the things… I’ve never been ripped off via the US eBay site, but have beeh had a couple of times doing business on the UK site, so there is some agro behind my comments.

For a $9,000 fiddle that’s a naff case - - -

check out the handle hardware - and take a close look at the bows…

Right click on the pictures and save them to ‘My Pictures’, or wherever -

That will allow you to magnify things and take a closer look…

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This is quite common. This auction is quite tame.

Check this out.


Try this story:


and the followup e-mails:


All I have to say is:

1. If you buy something, hold it in your hands before you part with your cash. There are quite a few legitimate ebay sellers who are happy to let you view an item prior to purchase. 15000 dollar fiddle for 9000? That leaves you 6000 profit here. Trip to "check it out" anyone?

2. You may find a good instrument on ebay. Most likely you are not going to find a bargain worth a fortune. If you are a gambler and like the thrill of possibly getting a great deal while accepting the risk of total failure, ebay is the place to buy your fiddle. If not, try some of the more traditional routes. Traditional auctions houses probably provide the best routes to find a bargain, but there are still SUBSTANTIAL risks.

If, after these suggestions, you are willing to part with your cash for a fiddle of exceptional quality over the internet, do I have a bargain for you! An original Stradiveryious made by the master himself. Honest. You can see similair intruments in the Smithsonian and the Royal London Music Academy. Honest. Bargain basement price of just 20000 pounds. Honest. This was valued by my uncle Bob for over A MILLION POUNDS! Honest. This is an AS IS sale. (I can’t be held responsible if I accidently ship the old Lark I use to prop up the wobbly table in the workshop). Honest!

P.S. I also have authentic holy relics aquired during the crusades but left in my attic for the past 5 years, authentic rocks that are thousands of years old worth a fortune to the right person, and lint from the navels of all major celebrities (simply name the celeb and the color).

Start the bidding!!!!!!

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And I have a velvet virgin Mary portrait that actually weeps. (This is a lie).

And a hundred million year old fossilized dinosaur tooth that I found in a river bed and transformed into an elegant necklace set in silver and moss agate. (This is the truth.)

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…on a more positive note I took a gamble last month and bought a flute on EBay. I kind of got a gut feeling from the pics that i was a good instrument. A little research on the Internet gave me the history of the maker which tied in with the sellers details. I checked out the seller to find he was a genuine musical instrument dealer with good feed back. It was a straightforward purchase. I did feel a bit uneasy about sending the money but when it arrived WOW!!!!

Sometimes you have to take a little gamble in life…but only if you can afford to lose!

Sarah being incredibly philosophical at this early hour in the day

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won 2 lost 1, . Managed to find a good second hand Hohner 96 bass accordion, all the way from Berlin, which is great for a learner. The viola is also good, from the channel islands, the violin, not so good, but not dreadful either.
I suppose it’s like any other gamble, you have to be prepared to lose.

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The fiddle on the UK site has "disappeared" so there is only the one on the US site left and its far too expensive for me (thank God).

Being more than unsophisticated in these matters, coupled with the fact that a friend picked up a really nice fiddle at an auction (by phone), I thought perhaps I could get a "bargain". I would have to overcome my gut feeling that buying a fiddle unseen, untouched and unplayed was a big risk. Having read the story posted above, I will most likely not be using ebay to get the "sound" I am after.

Why not try Slovenia - - -


and as a last resort you could build one yourself…where better to put your faith, eh?

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Many years ago my old cello teacher used to go up to the auction houses in London every month or so and buy up selected damaged and otherwise beat-up violins and cellos (mostly cellos) which he’d bring back to Bristol and either repair himself or get the job done by one of the local luthiers.
He’d then sell the repaired/refurbished instruments on to his pupils at extremely reasonable prices. The result is that there are now a number of musicians of my generation in the Bristol area who have fine instruments which they would almost certainly not be able to buy now at today’s prices.
The point was that, at the auctions, old Arthur Alexander had the knowledge and experience to recognise the potential of what he was looking at.

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hrmmm bargain.
I just purchased a old violin off eBay - nice old thing. Cost AU$300. then it cost another $700 to get the cracks fixed and set it up.

Not really a bargain, but sounds much better than my old violin, so I’m happy anyway. And it’s got character!

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Good day to all, I did not see the Suspicious violin add on EBay but
I can tell you that, when I put my violin on ebay, someone did copy
my add from Japan and put this add on ebay with a cheeper price.
I was furius about that and I did make a complain to Ebay. They use the same picture, same texte…. I don’t know wy they did that.

I still have my violin for sale and it is on my site

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Have a good day.